Franchises in Australia: The Brisbane Expo

On Friday I was whingeing about Queensland Beer Week. Let’s face it, Australia is a big country, Queensland is a big state, Australians are big beer drinkers, yet Queensland Beer Week was very tiny indeed.

On Saturday, me and Mrs BobinOz decided to go into the city to a place we’ve been to several times before; the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

We’ve been there to see Eddie Izzard, we’ve been there for the PCYC’s 17th Annual Gala Dinner and, most importantly, we went there for our Australian Citizenship Ceremony. This time, we went for the…

Franchising and Business Opportunities Expo

And here I am whingeing again.

Australia is very big on franchising, for a country with only 20 or so million people, it has a lot of franchised businesses. According to a quick search in Google, 1420 of them. 1200 are listed with the Franchise Council of Australia.

Over in the UK, population well over 60 million, the number of franchised businesses is not so clear, but best guess is somewhere around 1200. I realise the numbers are very similar, but the populations of our countries are very different. Australia certainly has more franchises per capita.

Anyway, we turned up at the expo expecting it to be a buzz of business opportunities. In the event though, it was quiet, very quiet…

Brisbane Franchise ExpoI didn’t count them, but I reckon there were only about 30, maybe a maximum of 40 franchised businesses on display looking for new franchisees. We were literally in and out within an hour.

I had hoped to bring you an exciting post about the business opportunities you could investigate on arrival here in Australia, for those who were possibly interested in starting a new business.

Unfortunately, nothing much excited me at this show. Maybe I should have gone to the beach instead.

Never mind. I’ll have to take my investigations elsewhere and come back to this one at a later date.

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  • Sara @ FranchiseBuyer April 18, 2013, 11:02 pm |

    There are a lot of franchising opportunities in Australia. And events like these is a great place to start if you’re looking for a franchise to buy. It also allows you to converse personally with the franchisor. 🙂

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