Winter in Brisbane vs Summer in London

Yes, time for another “Winter versus Summer” comparison post here on BobinOz. I’ve done this before, it’s a bit of a tradition. Here’s the history of the contest so far…

13th of July 2011 I wrote…

London was cloudy, with a 20% chance of rain and the maximum temperature for the day was 18°C. Had I been at home in Brisbane, I could have been enjoying temperatures as high as 21°C, but I wasn’t. I was on holiday in the coldest city in the country on that day, Hobart. It was 10°C.

But the post tradition is to compare Brisbane with London, and on that basis, Brisbane won.

14th of July 2010…

On the day, both London and Brisbane were hitting a high of 22°C. Brisbane though, was sunny; London was rainy. But in the forecast for the following three days, London’s temperatures were rising to 24°C, whereas Brisbane was expecting a maximum of 22° C, but with a low of 19° C.

So London sneaked a win.

I was a bit late in the year before that, I did it on 7 August in 2009, but still very much the middle of winter here and the height of summer in the UK. It was in a post called…

London edged that one aswell, 23°C compared with 22°C here in Brisbane.

But the first time I made the comparison, my blog hadn’t even been created. On July 18, 2008, I noticed that Brisbane in the depths of winter was hotter than London in the height of summer. On that day, it was 24° here and 22° in London. I wrote about that on 5 March, 2009, in my post called…

The Meter Maids of Surfers Paradise – An Update

So far then, it’s Brisbane 2 – London 2.

This year’s results: July 2012

Here, in Brisbane, on Saturday, 14 July, it was a beautiful day. Here’s what Google said, you can click on these images to enlarge them…

Brisbane - SaturdayI can tell you that it did hit 25°C, but where I was the thunderstorms didn’t show up. Absolutely glorious!

But the 14th isn’t ‘exactly’ the middle of the month, so I decided the dual should take place on Sunday the 15th. Here’s Google…


London Sunday

Brisbane Sunday
Brisbane nicks it, by just 1 degree! Not sure what happened in London, but I can tell you that despite those pictures of cloud and rain in the Brisbane forecasts, we haven’t seen the drop. The sky has been looking like this….

Brisbane sky
Brisbane 3 – London 2.

That said, I have to admit to a slice of luck. If we had have done this about a week ago, Brisbane was a shivering 14°C! No kidding, I had to put a jumper on.

As I sometimes say here in Brisbane, I wonder what day winter will be on this year?

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  • Stefanie July 17, 2012, 8:24 am |

    Lucky duck! ‘I had to put on a sweater’

    Well as we say here is Seattle ‘I got to take off my sweater!’


    • BobinOz July 17, 2012, 9:49 pm |

      Putting socks on is my first sign that winter is on its way 🙂

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