Bank Holiday Monday in Queensland: The Queens Birthday

As I understand it, in the UK the late May bank holiday Monday was moved to June 4, and Tuesday, June 5 was was also a bank holiday to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

That gave you all a very long bank holiday weekend last week in the UK.

Well, you’ve had your turn, now it’s our turn here in Australia (apart from Western Australia) to have a day off thanks to the Queen.

Yes, today is a bank holiday Monday to celebrate the Queen’s birthday which was, in fact, in April. Confusing, yes, even for me. How must it be for the Queen; she’s 86!

Although, nothing confusing about a day off.

I watched some of the coverage of the Queens Jubilee celebrations on TV here in Oz, wasn’t the weather atrocious? Even though it is summer there, I hear some people were being treated for hypothermia from standing in the rain for too long.

Our winter weather here in Brisbane is usually as good, if not better, than the summer weather in England. Not this time though, here’s the satellite picture of the weather today over the central eastern coast of Australia.

It’s not been very warm at all today, probably just about 18° or 19°C, and the blue stuff is rain…

Rain in AustraliaI live somewhere underneath all that, in the middle.

Anyway, congratulations ma’am on your 86th birthday.

And congratulations ma’am, on your 60th year as Queen.

Yes, congratulations…

Nice one Sir Cliff! Just like the old days…

All stand for the Queen…

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II in Brisbane, Australia, 1954Time to celebrate. I think I’ll open a tinnie!

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