Get Your Blues For Free at Broadbeach Music Festival

The Blues on Broadbeach

This weekend we headed down to the Gold Coast, past Surfers Paradise, past the Meter Maids, and just kept on driving those extra 3 kilometres until we hit Broadbeach.

I am often harping on about Australia’s free stuff, and Blues on Broadbeach is a great example of that. This year was the 11th Blues on Broadbeach Music Festival and it continues to be a no ticket event. It ran from 24th to 27th of May.

Musicians from all around Australia and the rest of the world gathered in this popular seaside resort and played free concerts from at least 12 different venues.

Not a penny piece (or cent) was paid by anyone to get in to any of these gigs.


But, of course, it isn’t totally “free”. Most of the venues (not all) were also licensed premises and it would be rude to stand there, enjoying the music, without a drink in your hand, wouldn’t it?

After drinks, the odd taxi here and there, the mandatory kebab, a passing pizza slice and a full breakfast by the beach the following morning, we all ended up spending about $250-$300 per couple.

Yes, drinking out is expensive in Australia, but it’s not all bad.


Well, we don’t go “out” that often. Maybe once every couple of months? On the other hand, we socialise round other people’s houses, back garden barbecue style, probably three or four times a month.

When we do that, it works out real cheap, so there’s no real need to fret on those occasions when you do really go “out”.

Back to the Blues Fest though, we were only there for the one day, Saturday. Special mention must go to the semi out of control atmosphere of the Broadbeach Tavern, where I think we saw “Damn Fine Gentleman” and “Chasin The Train”.

But as much fun as that was, the best band we saw all weekend were called “Chase the Sun”. They played early Saturday evening over at Jupiter’s Hotel and Casino and they were just awesome.

This is how my view was…

Chase the SunA picture might say that thousand words, but it doesn’t play a tune. And I can’t talk and talk and talk about music without actually playing you something. Thankfully, we have YouTube for that.

Have a quick drool over this…

Incredible stuff!

The morning after, as I mentioned, we had breakfast by the beach. This was the view from my table…

BreakfastOf course, you can’t get that close to the beach and not go on it…

BeachIt was a beautiful day; temperature was about 22°C. Not bad eh, considering it’ll be winter here next week.

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