Flybuys: An Australian Supermarket Reward Card

As I was fast forwarding through the adverts the other night, as I do, I was surprised to see a glimpse of a “Dear Fatty” (that’s not me being judgemental, that’s the name of her autobiography) who goes by the name of Dawn French.

Surprised because she was advertising “Flybuys”…..

FlybuysFlybuys is a reward card; every time you spend money in participating stores and show your Flybuys card you earn points, points turn into vouchers and discounts which you can organise online.

Every time we buy food from Coles’ supermarket’ or petrol from Coles Express, or booze from Liquorland, we get points. There are about 10 or so other participating stores as well, so it’s worth having a card.

Mrs BobinOz tells me that she receives a $50 voucher in the post probably a couple of times a year.

But why would an Australian company use Dawn French for their advertising campaign? I’m really not sure she’s that well-known down here, surely the Australians would prefer the message were delivered by an Australian?

For those of you who haven’t been able to sleep over this one, here’s a very plausible explanation. Dawn French is no stranger to supermarket advertising, she has done voice-overs for Tesco’s, a major UK supermarket chain.

Rumour is, the brains behind Tesco’s advertising are now working with Coles. To save them coming up with any bright new ideas, they just reused an old one.

Nice work boys!

Who is Dawn French?

For those of you who really still do not know who Dawn French is, here is a very brief history.

Dawn French first appeared on TV in a Comic Strip Presents… production called “Five Go Mad in Dorset” on Tuesday 02 November 1982.

Absolutely hilarious it was too, as were all the Comic Strip Presents… offerings.

She joined forces with her friend Jennifer Saunders and formed the female comedy duo “French and Saunders” who went on to make seven series of their TV comedy show.

She then starred in a sitcom called “The Vicar of Dibley” as the, wait for it…. Vicar of Dibley.

She has probably done lots of other stuff too, but I said this would be a brief history, and it’s purely for those Aussies amongst you who have no idea who she is.

Now you know.

Still seems a strange choice to me though, I mean, whatever next? Dawn French doing a Kylie Minogue cover…

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  • Paige June 15, 2012, 11:35 am |

    Both the French sisters are actually pretty well known here 🙂

  • tom May 29, 2012, 10:14 pm |

    Hi Bob. Good to hear from you again. Tha Fly/Buy story is interesting. We have several large chains with similar benefits for buying there,but if you really check them out they are a bit higher on the regularly used items. This makes the overall picture look pretty much like a so/so deal all around. However most of the primary shoppers may find it a good deal,so thats where the big choice comes in. Thanks again Bob. As always Tom.

    • BobinOz May 30, 2012, 7:59 pm |

      I think all of these royalty cards are a so/so deal. For most of them, the money the customer gets back is a pittance, whereas the store gets a bucket load of computerised information on what people are buying and where they live.

      They may as well say “thanks for telling us everything about your buying habits and your lifestyle, here’s a tenner for your trouble.”

      Cheers Tom!

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