The Rodeo at the Brookfield Show in Brisbane

Brookfield is a suburb just 10 minutes drive from where I live, and the Brookfield Show is an event that takes place there every year. I haven’t been every year, but I think this is my third visit.

I certainly went in 2009; I wrote a post back then and gave a quite full description of exactly what goes on at the event. You can read about it in my post called The Brookfield Show.

I’ve just had a quick look at that post myself, and noticed that back then it was $65 for a family ticket to cover all three days of the event. Well, this year it was still only $65 for a family ticket covering all three days.

Well played The Brookfield Society for not putting the family ticket price up for at least the last three years. The family ticket does provide excellent value when you consider how much goes on there.

Although I’ve been there at least three times before, I’ve never once checked out the rodeo event. That took place on Friday evening, and this year I went to see it.

I also took my camera, so you can see highlights of it as well.

Here is a touch of the “wild West” in the western suburbs of Brisbane…

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