Australia’s Bad Things Meet Australian Climate

I have a category called “Australia’s Bad Things” and another called “Australian Climate”. Today, again, they meet.

I have talked about the weather a lot and have often delighted in using the term “hot and sunny with clear blue skies”. And by and large it is. But then again….

  • Storms hits the Brisbane area – 16th of November
  • Drought (from the same post) in southern Australia – 6th February
  • Floods in northern Australia – 11th February

That’s five major weather related incidents in 4 months. Between them they have caused millions of dollars of damage, over two hundred tragic deaths, more than 1800 homes destroyed and, although we seemed to get away with Hamish, a boat without an M.O.T. didn’t and consequently dumped an estimated 250 tonnes of oil onto the Sunshine Coast.

So what’s happening today? An area around Coffs Harbour, which is on the east coast midway between Brisbane and Sydney, is flooded and has been declared a natural disaster zone.

The following video has been provided by Ossiebloke. Before you watch it, I need to issue a language warning. Some may ask if you are “mucking about” and some may use a different word to “mucking”. Eddie Murphy did in “Beverly Hills Cop” – many, many times. Bob Geldoff raised money for Band Aid using it and I, if I bash my thumb with a hammer, may be inclined to use it too.

In this video, Ossiebloke uses it very efficiently as an adjective, twice, in the first 5 seconds. After that, the kids can watch too…..

The area registered around 450 mm of rain in a 24 hour period. 450 mm! Let me put that into perspective. The average annual rainfall for the notoriously wet Manchester, is a tad over 800 mm. So Coffs Harbour got over half of Manchester’s yearly soaking in 24 hours.

But that’s the difference. Manchester will probably suffer 200 or more days a year of drizzle. Coffs Harbour on the other hand, will probably have more than 300 days a year of beautiful sunshine. For the most part, Australia is hot and sunny with clear blue skies.

But as the saying says – when it rains, it pours.

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