One Man; One Vote. Queensland Decides

If I recall correctly, back in the UK elections were always held on Thursday. Here, in Queensland, we went to the polls on Saturday to decide who will govern this state for the next term.

So, on Saturday BobinOz proudly cast his first ever Australian vote…..

BobinOz voteBut who did I vote for?

WhoAnd did I buy any second-hand books or get myself a sausage sizzle from the enterprising locals who set up shop, not wishing to waste the passing foot traffic….

book sale

A Thrashing!

I don’t think I have ever known a political party to be thrown out with such a thud before.

According to my research, because I just haven’t lived here that long, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) have been running Queensland since 1998.

The only other real contender for office was the Liberal National Party (LNP).

The result?

There are still a handful of votes yet to be counted, and, I think, two more seats to be called. But here’s how it stands right now…

  • LNP – 78 seats.
  • ALP –  5 seats.

Is that a thrashing or what?

Breaking election pledges.

The former (she quit after this result) leader of the ALP in Queensland promised she would not sell any of Queensland’s assets off before being elected last time. Then she sold some of Queensland’s assets.

She also promised not to abolish Queensland’s petrol subsidy. Then she abolished Queensland’s petrol subsidy.

So much for promises.

Our other Labor leader, the one that runs the whole country, is Julia Gillard. She once said “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. Now, there is a carbon tax under the government she leads.

I wonder who will win the federal elections next year?

Here we go, always good for a laugh this one….

For the record, Katter’s Australian Party (KAP) won two seats and The Greens… er… none.

So who did I vote for? Do you really need to ask?

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