11,000 Miles From Friends and Loved Ones

For some people the idea of emigrating to Australia represents “a move too far”. To be 11,000 miles from all those friends, acquaintances, loved ones and relatives is often just too hard to bear.

You can argue to yourself that they will, of course, visit. Hey! – it can be even better. Where you used to see someone for a few hours once a month, when they visit, you’ll get to see them solidly for 3 or 4 weeks. It’ll be great!

But often, all those promises, all those plans, they just come to nothing. No-one comes.

But This Weekend Was Different!

Guess who came to see us, ALL THE WAY from England….

Trinny and Susannah

Trinny and Susannah

Yes, Live! at Chermside (= Lakeside equivalent in Brisbane) It’s Trinny and Susannah! Woot Woot!

That reminds me. The Aussies have a slang term which is Woop Woop. It’s an invented name for a town in the middle of nowhere, as in “he works in Woop Woop” – so he works in the middle of nowhere. I’m so sorry. I truly apologise for losing focus on what I was writing about. I can’t understand it, this doesn’t usually happen.

Anyway. Yes! Trinny and Susannah live! Can you see them now?

Yes, It's Really Them.

Yes, It's Really Them.

I didn’t go. Just couldn’t make it I’m afraid. But my wife went. She took the pictures. Sorry it is from such a distance, but as you can see, it was terribly busy. So she couldn’t get too close.

I think she was also a little concerned that if she had got closer, she might have been hauled onto the stage, told she was dressed like an old granny and suffered Trinny and Susannah’s standard ridicule routine before being prodded and poked and pushed off stage to go get dressed in some new little number which, no doubt, would be for sale at a store within this very emporium. Even I can see the attraction of distance here. So much so, I kept my distance to about 20 miles.

Trinny and Susannah were on stage for about 40 minutes and did a live version of their “What Not to Wear” program. It was fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I nearly bought a snooker table once, that was in Woop Woop. Sorry!

Yes, a 40 minute show. This made me smile. I can’t help myself, I have got to tell you this bit.

A few weeks ago my wife asked if I would go shopping with her, she wanted to show me a dress she had seen. Apparently, she didn’t have any suitable attire for barbecues. Barbecues, I was told, are too casual for an evening dress but not casual enough for casual wear. This new clothing category had rendered my wife’s wardrobe completely useless on such occasions. What she needed was barbecue-wear!

We got to the shop and she showed me the dress. “No, no, no” I said. Three shops later I found something much better and after trying it on, my wife agreed and bought it. Trinny and Susannah used that exact dress when they created a new style for one  of the girls.

Who knew? I’m a style guru!

Then it was over. Trinny and Susannah apologised for not having enough time to sign autographs but they did say they would be back in Australia next year. Woop Woop?

Life in Australia. It just gets better and better.

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