I Love The M1 – The Australian One

I never thought I’d say I love the M1, but I never knew that one day I’d live in a country that had such a great M1. I’ll show you what I mean in a bit, but first, let me finish off Yamba.

This morning we went to find the mouth of the mighty Clarence River, Yamba is situated on the south of the mouth. But what we saw first was Turner’s Beach. It was simply stunning. Words and probably these pictures cannot do it justice.

When I get back home to my desktop PC and video editing software, hopefully I will be able to do a better job.

Relentless waves just crash against the rock…..

And then we saw the mouth of the river.

To the left of the path is a calm river, to the right of the path are the crashing waves of the sea.

But the star of the show so far has been the M1, more specifically known as the Pacific Highway or generally Highway 1. I mentioned yesterday what a great drive we’d had from Brisbane to Yamba. Today we covered another 200 miles, from Yamba to Port Macquarie. I’ll tell you about Port Macquarie tomorrow.

But here’s the M1…The Star!

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