The Wildlife on Moreton Island

To round up what now can probably be regarded as Moreton Island week, I’ve made a video about my close (and sometimes not so close) encounters with the wildlife on Moreton Island.

Now, I know some of you don’t watch the videos, fair enough. Sometimes we’re just too busy, sometimes we don’t have the time.

Although this video runs at just 3 minutes and 58 seconds, surely you have the time?

But, if you are too busy, here’s what you are going to miss.

A Six-foot Snake.

You could have seen what happened when a six-foot snake was cornered by 10 or 11 people, who insisted on crowding around him, taking photographs with their mobile phones!

If you’re scared of snakes, don’t click play on my movie!

Dancing Dolphins!

If you thought Flipper was cute, well, you really should have watched my video. It had dolphins dancing on the horizon and, closer to shore, a dolphin doing that jumping through the air thing that dolphins do best.

There is no footage of dolphins “speaking” though. Only Flipper did that, but he was a fraud.

When Possums Attack!

Not so much an attack, more of an invasion! Yes, a possum invaded my balcony late at night. I was the only one still awake; it was me or him. And if I couldn’t stop him, who knows, he may have attacked the rest of the group as they lay peacefully in their beds.

Yes, if you had watched my video, like me, you too would have been staring into the eyes of the invader.

A Million Beasts!

At first, there was just one, dead on the beach. I thought no more until we set sail. Riding the ocean waves, I glanced downwards into the sea.

There were hundreds, no, maybe a thousand. Actually, thousands!

Oh my word, there’s more than that! Thousands and thousands!

It could even have been millions.

Yes, if you’d have just pressed play, you would have seen what I saw.

If only you had pressed play.

But please don’t, this movie is just too scary…..

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