Are You Scared of Australian Creepy Crawlies?

I think it’s an absolute miracle that I’ve lived here over four years and I still haven’t done a post on the TV program “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” hosted by Ant and Dec.

Today, I’m going to change that.

What spurred me into this action now? Well, two performances that are so opposed they just have to be put together and compared.

This program is pretty well known back in the UK, but I’m sure many of my Australian readers will not have heard of it.

So, what is the show all about? This is the blurb about the program taken directly from the TV listings…..

“A huge success in the UK, this unique blend of reality TV and game show drops 12 unsuspecting celebrities into the heart of the Australian jungle, leaving all their luxuries and necessities behind.”

The “heart of the Australian jungle” to which they refer, in this instance, is Springbrook National Park. That’s about 25 kilometres or so from Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and it’s never seen a wild crocodile in its life.

That slight technicality aside, the show gets most of its creepy crawley action during the Bush Tucker Trials. This is when celebrities have to compete to win stars, which in turn provide food that they can then cook at their camp.

Are you cut out for life in Australia?

Here’s a simple way of finding out.

Two celebrities in the 2011 show were firstly Sinitta, the 80s pop sensation who boasts Brad Pitt, David Essex and Simon Cowell as past lovers and secondly, Jessica Jane Clement, a British model, actress and TV presenter.

One of them, if she ever decided to move to Australia, would probably not last long. The other would surely take to life down under like a duck to water. Or should I say like a croc to a billabong?

Which would you be?

Are you a Sinitta or a Jessica Jane?

In the show, these two girls had to go through a ‘Bush Tucker Trial’. Jessica Jane had the harder task of the two, in my view, but she simply breezed through her ordeal, no problem at all. Made it look easy.

Now, Sinitta. Sinitta’s task, as I have said,  is a little easier I feel, but first, she has to open a box….

And I’m not even going to tell you what happened to Fatima Whitbread.

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