Things To Do During the Long Summer Holidays.

As you know, it’s summer here in Australia and we are still in the school summer holiday period. And during these times, we try to do the best we can to keep our children amused.

With Christmas and New Year’s Eve slap bang in the middle of our summer holidays, that’s a couple of weeks taken care of. There’s not much that’s beats getting some new toys and having a few parties to go to to keep the kids happy.

But what else is there to do?

How about this?

First, a quick competition. The grey thing in the water. What is it?

Feeding the dolphinThis weekend, Mrs BobinOz set off in her car with Elizabeth in the back and a small tent in the boot. They headed north for about 3 1/2 hours until they reached Rainbow Beach.

When they got there, as well as setting up the tent, they met with friends including two other 1.2 metre tall girls, ideal companions for Elizabeth. Together they ran amongst the sand, climbed the multi-coloured sand dunes and played in the water.

According to Mrs BobinOz, you could look for miles along the beach and not see another person. Not bad for the middle of summer during the school holidays.

Anyway, from Rainbow Beach, you can drive to Tin Can Bay, and that’s where the grey thing was. They get a few grey things there; they turn up each morning at about 8 AM waiting to get fed.

Yes, our little girls went there to feed the dolphins.

Now, just so that it’s clear, you can’t just turn up at the beach and feed dolphins. It is an organised event, you will need to join a short queue and pay five dollars.

When it is your turn to feed the dolphins, you must first put your hands into some kind of disinfectant (Australia has health and safety too you know) before you touch them and feed them.

In the picture above, Elizabeth is feeding a dolphin called Patch.

Guess what dolphins eat?

That’s right, fish!

And what did Elizabeth think was the best bit about feeding a dolphin?

“I loved being so close to her and seeing how beautiful she was. She had a really long nose or beak or whatever you call it though.”

There you have it. $5.00 to feed a dolphin, not bad eh? Such good value, Mrs BobinOz bought the upsell; she paid another five bucks for the certificate….

Feeding certificateSay goodbye girls…

Bye girls
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  • BobinOz January 20, 2012, 10:35 pm |

    226 now! I hope it all goes well, the time will fly by I’m sure.

    Hope everything goes well, see you in Brisbane soon.

  • Nicky January 19, 2012, 7:25 am |

    227 days til we land in Bris. Thanks for the great blog Bob – we’ll be sure to try out some of these gorgeous places ourselves x

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