A Happy New Year from BobinOz, Without the?

Three years ago on January the 1st, for some very crazy reason, I started this blog. The starting the blog bit possibly isn’t the crazy idea, but the date is. It means that I now spend every blog birthday nursing a hangover.

My many thanks to Mark and Louise, the hosts, and everyone else who was there that made it such a special New Year’s Eve party. Without your help, this year’s hangover may not have been possible. I have no pictures from the event to protect the innocent, and the guilty.

And it was exactly 3 years ago to the day that I posted a video, and you can see it by clicking the title, called Normal Life Returns in Australia.

I was reminded of that post when I spent the exact same day, January 3, doing the exact same thing again this year. Of course you’ll have to go back and watch the video to find out what that was, but I can tell you that I’ll probably be doing the same thing at the exact same time next year too.

It’s all to do with the time of the year, the season, the weather and the fact that leading up to Christmas things are generally just too hectic to keep up with it.

Two years ago I posted a video called Our Second Full Year Living in Australia, which you can see by clicking that link. There are three videos in the series so far, one for each full year we have lived in Australia.

Today I decided to bring all three videos out from the cupboard where I stored them and they are now all available on the homepage. I will be working on and adding the fourth video sometime soon.

Last year, on January 3, my post was called Happy New Year?

The question mark was there because for Queenslanders, it was already looking unlikely to be a very happy New Year. The floods were starting to take a grip and I think just about everyone knew they would get worse.

They did.

This is how the road just around the corner from me looked last year..

Anstead, Brisbane - Flooded


…. And this is how it looked today at around six o’clock in the evening through the lens of a dodgy iPhone 4….

Not flooded

Not flooded

Queenslanders have had a tough 2011, but most places including here in Brisbane are recovering. And for the start of this year, we have our hot and sunny clear blue skies back again.

The weather is good, let’s hope 2012 is too, without any question marks.

Whatever you wish for this year, and especially for those of you hoping to make a new life here in Australia, I hope this is the year that you achieve your dreams.

Happy New Year to you all.

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  • Andy Painter January 5, 2012, 7:21 pm |

    Happy New Year Bob,

    Best wishes for 2012, i’ve loved reading your posts in 2011, as we started to think about making our move to Oz and then having completed it in June this year.


    • BobinOz January 9, 2012, 12:40 pm |

      Thanks Andy and best wishes to you too. So 2012 will be your first full year here in Australia, I hope it is everything you would want it to be. Cheers!

  • Hector January 5, 2012, 8:56 am |

    Happy new year Bob!

    Thanks for keeping your blog alive, and for updating it everytime you can.

    Sincerely, a loyal reader of your blog,


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