Our Byron Bay Weekend.

In Friday’s post called How to settle in Australia I said “So do you think we will have fun? It’d be hard not to, wouldn’t it?”

Well, as we approached Byron Bay around lunchtime on Saturday, the rain was so hard I could barely see where I was driving. My poor windscreen wipers, set to their fastest speed, just couldn’t keep up.

The sky was filled with those really heavy, dull grey types of clouds that look like they’ll stay forever. It wasn’t looking like beach weather in the slightest.

By about two o’clock in the afternoon everybody had arrived. We unpacked our cases of beer and wine first and sat in the covered patio area sampling it. The kids went off to explore the four acres of land that came with our weekend accommodation.

Against all the odds, the rain stopped early evening and we got into a couple of maxi cabs and headed off into Byron. This is Byron….

Byron BayDoesn’t look like much from this distance, but the place is buzzing when you get there. What the above picture does show though is that this hugely popular beach resort is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

I’ve seen it so many times here in Australia; go to an amazing beach and then drive 5 minutes away from it and you find yourself enjoying rolling hills, stunning countryside and amazing hinterlands.

I did also mention on Friday that Byron Bay was a bit of a hippie town. It’s definitely that, saw plenty of these parked around….

CampervansSunday saw a dramatic and surprising change in the weather, good enough for us to go to the beach….

Beach at Byron

In Friday’s post I also mentioned that making new friends was an essential part of settling in Australia. Weekends away, like this one, underline that importance.

Yes, we could go away on our own, just me, Mrs BobinOz and Elizabeth. But it simply wouldn’t be as much fun for any of us. And as parents, we really enjoy seeing Elizabeth off playing with the other kids, as they amuse themselves, not wanting for anything, just having fun.

It’s been a perfect start to the long summer holidays. Just 6 weeks left to go.

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  • Nicky December 13, 2011, 7:16 pm |

    Hi Bob, we’re due out next year and we also plan to approach life a bit more as tourists once in Aus. Have you been to Fraser Island yet?

    • BobinOz December 16, 2011, 9:43 pm |

      No, but it is on my list. I know people who have gone though, lots of sand apparently 🙂

      Let me know what you think of it.

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