Australia versus the UK: Price of Seeing Eddie Izzard Live…

…Including an Indian meal and a few beers.

On the 28 April, 2008, Eddie Izzard performed a stand up show called “Stripped” for the first time. In 2009 he toured the UK with it and also created a recording for DVD release.

In 2010, he took the same show to America and Canada. And just when he thought he’d flogged it to death with no place left to go, he thought of…….


And yesterday it was the turn of Brisbane. We went.

But first, a curry……

Curry House10 of us sat down for about an hour and a half and ate as much (wonderful) food as we could manage, all washed down with fine beers and wines. Now I know you like to compare prices, so I’ll tell you the bill.

  • $394.

Ordinarily, that would have been $80 per couple, but we had one of those coupon thingies. So it ended up costing us $50 per couple. Now that’s pretty good!

Once fed, we walked the short distance to the Brisbane Convention Centre, which is a huge place…..
Brisbane Convention Centre

HallEddie was playing in one of the theatres at the very end of this hallway. Outside the entrance to that hall was a bar with one of the most orderly queues you have ever seen……… for a bar.

As me and a friend stood in aforementioned orderly queue, he suggested I should take a photograph of it.

“This would never happen in England” he said. “You should take a picture.” He said

“Good idea” I said.

Then I forgot.

It was an exceedingly orderly queue though, really.

Then we entered the hall…

Hall Fills Up…. And waited for the final seats to fill, which they did almost exactly by eight o’clock, the time the show was due to start.

The lights dimmed and we waited for Eddie to appear.

Here’s Eddie!

Here's EddieIt is him, honest! Look…..

Eddie IzzardEddie Izzard ticket prices compared:

Eddie is appearing at the Brighton Dome in December of this year, and I found tickets for sale at between £45 to £60 each. So let’s call that £50.

Here in Australia, our Eddie Izzard tickets cost $90 each.

So at current exchange rates (one GBP equals 1.56 AUD) the Brighton tickets costs $78.

So Australia tickets appear to be $12, or 15% more expensive. But if we compare prices using the hard yakka instead, it’s a different story.

  • 3.32 UK hard yakkas versus…
  • 2.74 Australian hard yakkas.

So according to the yakka, Eddie Izzard is about 17% cheaper in Brisbane than he is in Brighton.

But wherever you see him and whatever you pay, I would think one thing will remain constant.

He’s funny!

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