Australia’s Good Things: At Last!

It’s not been a good week, has it?

It doesn’t get much worse than Mondays post, which involved a snakebite fatality. Wednesday’s post did nothing to cheer you up after that, it was about cockroaches.

Both of these posts sit firmly under the category of “Australia’s Bad Things“, which is, of course, full of bad things. But it also has lots of good things, because this category has become almost totally associated with Australia’s wildlife.

For all the bad things Australia offers in that department, it probably has four or five times as many good things.

This is one of those things.

Let’s go to Beninoz’s House

Drive about 800 metres to the end of my road, turn right and then take the first exit at the roundabout. About 2 km down there, on the left, is Beninoz’s house. He lives on acreage and his garden is bigger than mine.

This is a tree in the front of his garden.

Notice anything unusual?

A treeI wouldn’t try looking too hard, I really don’t think you’ll see anything. You might have more luck with this photo….

koalaHe’s trying to be discreet, isn’t he?

koala But he is much easier seen from the side.

Apparently, he didn’t like the leaves on the first tree, so he clambered down before climbing up another one…..

koala climbing

koala climbing higher
koala nearly there

koala still climbing

koala getting thereHe then glanced down to take a look around…

koala there at last
koala looking around…. and then noticed the photographer.

koala stareHow amazing is that? A koala in your own back garden! Yes, I know it wasn’t my back garden, but just up the road!

The only time I’ve ever seen a koala in the wild was at North Stradbroke Island. Luckily, I had my video camera with me, so I could make my very own koala in the wild video. And as today is Friday, and I always post a video on Friday, I was tempted to repeat my own koala video here.

But I don’t do repeats. So click on this upcoming link if you want to see my koala video, but today’s video is……

Koala Tickle.

My thanks to Ben for the pictures.

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