What I Missed in Australia

The Queen.

Of course, as I was out of the country, the Queen was in it. She was on her 16th visit to Australia.

I’m sure both here in Australia and back in the UK, the news has been full of stories about her tour. So I am going to zoom forward to her very last day here in Australia.

What more fitting finale could there be for a Queen leaving Australia than a barbecue…

That’s not the kind of barbecue I’m used to. I wanted to see more of them standing around the barbie, sipping tinnies, munching a burger and talking about nothing at all. You know…

“How’s it going mate?”

“Yeah, good mate, you?”

“Yeah, good.”

“Hey, ma’am, want another tinny?”

“No thank you, one already has one.”

I hope somebody also treated her to a sausage sizzle at some point, just as they did for Prince William. If she didn’t get one, she can always cook one for herself back home by simply following my sausage sizzle recipe video.

You’ve got to say though; doesn’t she look well for her age?

But as I said, this was her 16th visit. So, how did the first one go?

Don’t you just love that commentary? Wouldn’t it be great if we all still spoke like that?

I was sorry to miss her; we’d heard she would be visiting Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands. Had I been here, I would have gone to see her. Mrs BobinOz told me I would have.

And if I had gone, I would have stood by the river like so many others, including kensington25, a fellow YouTuber. So I would have probably seen what he saw.

But instead of seeing what he saw when he saw it, I was in Thailand having a fantastic time. And with me being able to watch what he saw then, now, the words “cake” and “eating it” spring to mind.

So I’m really looking forward to this, but I must go and fetch Mrs BobinOz first. She will be pleased….

Here’s to the 17th ma’am!

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