What is Wrong With BobinOz?

By now I had hoped to be able to publish my first ever live post from Thailand. It was going to be my BobinThailand Special. The fact that you are seeing this post (one that I prepared earlier) instead, means that for some reason or other, it hasn’t been possible for me.

This can only be due to one of three things:

PrisonA) I am having so much fun I can’t be bothered.
B) I have been arrested by Thai police for a crime I didn’t commit and am currently languishing in a seedy Phuket jail.
C) I can’t get an Internet connection.

Personally, I hope it’s A. If it is B, please feel free to go ahead and organise a “Free BobinOz” global campaign on my behalf.

And if it is C, well, I’ve been there before on my Australian road trip.

So let’s sum it all up then, Friday fashion, with video……

First, too much fun…..


Second, prison…..

Third, no Internet connection…..

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  • BobinOz November 13, 2011, 12:25 am |

    Well, firstly, I don’t think the video can really be described as infamous. Insignificant more like. Not had many views has it? And secondly, whoever it was who made it is clearly a racist, and also a bit thick himself. Queensland should always be spelt with a capital Q.

    I have always said anyone who thinks it’s okay to pigeonhole entire nations, races, religions or even states, really should take along hard look at their own navels.

    So, not only is it BS, it’s also very insulting.

    I chose Queensland because it has the best weather, plenty of space, loads of beaches to choose from and wonderful laid-back people. Perfect!

    Oh, and thanks compliments, keep on reading!


  • Peter October 28, 2011, 8:44 pm |

    Free BobinOz! 🙂

    By the way, I would be more than happy to see _your_ personal point of view on the infamous “Queensland – The smart state?” video on youtube.
    Edits by admin: the YouTube video link did appear here, but the actual video has now been removed by YouTube or the user.

    Is it b*llsh*t or some points are agreed? Why exactly did you choose to be BobinBrisbane? 🙂

    Ps: congrats for the blog, I am regular reader, consumer, woohoo’er! 🙂

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