Holiday Prices Compared Between Australia and the UK

ThailandAs you know, I’m currently BobinThailand. Me, my wife and my daughter are hopefully having a good time. Actually, it’s not just the three of us either; we are with a rather large gang.

I haven’t rounded everyone up and tagged them yet, but at a guess we are about 20 or so adults with 10 or 12 children. And we are all staying in the same hotel.

This information is relevant here, because it means when we booked we didn’t really shop around much for the best deal. It was more important for us all to book the same hotel at the same time.

I did take a little more care when choosing my UK comparison holiday though, checking out many options for each destination and picking the lowest priced deals available.

Of course, it’s impossible to do a direct comparison, so here’s what I have done instead.

My Comparison Criteria:

I went over to my desktop world map and placed my thumb on Brisbane. I then stretched over to Thailand with my index finger. Having accurately gauged the distance my holiday destination is from my home, I carefully held the arc of my fingers very still.

I then placed my forefinger on London and traced a circle around my desktop map with my thumb. My thumb passed over two potential destinations of interest, first New York and then secondly, Iran.

Recognising that Iran isn’t really a top tourist destination, I stretched my thumb the extra inch to reach India.

So that’s that then! I am comparing my holiday from Brisbane to Thailand with an equivalent holiday from London to New York or London to India.

Scientifically indisputable.

Holiday cost comparisons.

We booked our holiday through a travel agent here called Flight Centre. So for comparison sake, I got the UK prices from the equivalent, Thomas Cook.

Our dates in Thailand are certainly not regarded as the peak holiday season. So the dates I have chosen for my comparison destinations have been between 16th and 28th of November. Again, not the peak season.

Brisbane to Thailand.

Ignoring spending money, our holiday to Phuket, which includes 11 nights (with full breakfast) in a five-star hotel has cost us $4,098 for two adults and one child.

London New York

The cheapest package I found included a stay at the Salisbury Hotel in New York, which is only a three star hotel. Cost of that holiday, £3,150 ($4,851 AUD). If I were to pick the cheapest option with a five-star hotel, the price goes up to £4,734 ($7,290 AUD).

London to India

First I chose Delhi as our destination, the cost for 11 nights in a five-star hotel there including return flights was £2,321 ($3,574 AUD). If I switched it to Mumbai, the price went up to £2,853 ($4,393 AUD).

It is worth noting though, that for our $4,028, we are getting an additional flight from Bangkok to Phuket, so my India comparison isn’t exactly like-for-like.

I would suggest that on the basis of the above figures, our holiday price here in Australia compares more than favourably with our equivalent holidays from the UK.

London to Phuket

The distance between London and Phuket is 9,898 km. Brisbane to Phuket is 7,061 km. So Phuket is 40% further from London than it is from Brisbane. But the flight costs are only three quarters of the whole package.

So, the question is would a holiday to Phuket from London be 30% more expensive than the equivalent from Brisbane?

Let’s find out.

Thomas Cook says that the cheapest equivalent flights and five-star hotel package would cost £3,512.

At today’s exchange rate of 1.54 AUD for one GBP, that’s the equivalent of $5,408.

So the answer is yes, almost exactly. 32% to be a little more precise.

So, who wins? Who has the cheapest holidays? Australia or the UK?

I declare this one a draw.

Unless, of course, we talk in terms of the hard yakka. In which case, at current rates our holiday in Thailand cost us 125 hard yakkas. The very cheapest UK holiday, the one to Mumbai, would cost a UK worker 154 hard yakkas.

Happy holidays!

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