Crazy Golf Australia Style!

About 30 kilometres east of where I live is a suburb called Carbrook. It has a golf course.

GolferNow I’ve only ever played golf twice in my life and didn’t much take to it. But if I were to ever play a third time, Carbrook would be the course I would like to play.


Well, contrary to the title, they don’t play crazy golf at Carbrook, it’s a normal golf course. Except “normal” is probably the last word you would associate with Carbrook Golf Club.

Because at Carbrook they have their own rather unusual obstacle of which any crazy golf course in the world would be proud. At Carbrook, you don’t want to be slicing the ball into the lake….

How cool is that?

But if you’d been playing golf on Carbrook golf course yesterday afternoon, you would have had another obstacle to overcome. The weather!

Storm season in Brisbane.

Slap bang in the middle of where I live and Carbrook is a suburb called Parkinson. So it’s 15 kilometres east of me and 15 kilometres west of Carbrook.

Yesterday afternoon, Parkinson took the brunt of the storms that swept across Brisbane and throughout South East Queensland. Here’s the view of that storm from outside the back door of a house in Parkinson.

Today, right now, it’s about 27°C and mostly sunny. But more storms are gathering just off the coast, so I won’t be playing that third game of golf this afternoon.

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