We’re All Going On A (Australian) Summer Holiday

I promised you a more exciting post today, following the intensely boring “Mowing the Lawn” epic. So here it is. We’re off on holiday! Not just me and my family. All of us. You’re coming too. Unless, of course, you don’t want to. But if you don’t, you’ll miss out on some fantastic scenery.

Yamba Beach

Yamba Beach

More Yamba Beach

More Yamba Beach

I know it’s not summer in Europe, but it is here. The kids break up for the summer holidays early December and restart a new school year late January. So it’s definitely summer holidays here.

So, our holiday. Here’s what we’re going to do. We are driving from Brisbane to Sydney. From Sydney we are going to Melbourne and then carry on a bit along The Great Ocean Road. Then we’ll take a right turn at Warrnambool and head straight back to Brisbane passing through Wagga Wagga and Dubbo along the way. That’s about 2,500 miles in all.

We’ve already made the journey from Brisbane to Yamba.

Yamba is our first stop of two before we get to Sydney. It was a run of about 190 miles and it took us about 3 and a half hours. What a beautiful run it was too. The vast majority of our journey so far has taken place on the Pacific Highway, which is the Australian M1. That’s not my interpretation, it is actually called the M1 here in Australia. It is like the M1 in the UK in only one way. It joins two big cities.

Sydney is Australia’s’ biggest city and Brisbane is the second biggest, and the Australian M1 joins the two. Same deal with London – Manchester in England, right? Yeah, right. This M1, so far anyway, has been mainly single lane with overtaking lanes every 5 miles or so, runs alongside a river for a fair bit, has trees and green field surrounding most of it with occasional views of the sea. Oh, and no snarl ups when we were on it. Probably because there was no traffic.

But we’ve a way to go yet, we’ll see.

We left at 2.15 in the afternoon (if we were Australian we’d have been away at 6 am but we’re still in UK mode) and arrived at about twenty to seven. I know what you’re thinking, the maths doesn’t add up. But we have come from Queensland to New South Wales and so we’ve crossed a time zone. NSW are an hour ahead of QLD. Dang! First day of our holiday and we’ve lost an hour.

Anyway. We’re now here in Yamba but it’s getting late.

Yamba Sunset

Yamba Sunset

I’ll tell you more tomorrow, if I can get an Internet connection!

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