Son of Migaloo – The All White Humpback Whale

I don’t believe it! It’s not fair! It should have been me! I’ve spent hours staring at the sea! And other shouty things with an exclamation mark!

white whaleAs you know, I’m not the world’s greatest whale watcher. I failed to spot one when I went to North Stradbroke Island. I got a small nanosecond glimpse of one in the distance when I went on a whale watching boat trip on the Gold Coast.

Last week I showed you what happens to the lucky people who whale watch. And with that post, I thought I was done.

Not quite.

I didn’t know anything about this before, but I do now. Some people don’t just go whale watching, they go in search of Migaloo. Migaloo is said to be the only all-white humpback whale in the world. Yes, white humpback whales are as rare as hen’s teeth.

Son of Migaloo.

Then yesterday, a guy out on a boat with his family spotted an all white humpback calf and got some super photographs. And I don’t think whale watching was the purpose of their trip! Tell me, how is that fair?

Not that I’m bitter.

Anyway, here’s the story…..

Dr Mark Read poured cold water (ha ha!) on the idea that this calf could be related to Migaloo and talked about DNA testing, analysing and suggested this little beauty could have come from a dark mum and a dark dad.

Nobody wants to hear that, do they? What a spoilsport! He was only speculating, so why not speculate that this is probably the son of Migaloo. They should have talked to someone from Tourism Queensland instead!

So I’m speculating that it IS the son of Migaloo! Isn’t that the joy of speculation? You can speculate what you want!

Right, that’s enough exclamation marks for this post. Here’s other lucky whale watchers who spotted big daddy, Migaloo himself…

Australia. Living the dream! If you’re lucky.

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  • Anthony Ardern October 11, 2011, 2:23 pm |

    Bob I totally agree with you. Speculation is such a great thing. As owner/operator of Whales in Paradise I wish more people would have positive speculation there is to much scepticism out there these days.

    I was lucky enough to see Migaloo (not to rub salt into the wound) in 2009 off the Gold Coast and I must say it was one of my greatest whale watch memories.

    He comes past the Gold Coast each year late June to early July, so you’ll have to hang around the Gold Coast this time of year for your best chance to catch a glimpse.

    • BobinOz October 12, 2011, 8:01 pm |

      Well there’s my problem then! I went whale watching on August 15 down the Gold Coast, just missed him.

      Or maybe I should have booked my trip with Whales in Paradise, instead of one of your competitors? Anyway, that’s some job you’ve got, isn’t it? Cruising around in a boat all day looking for whales.

      Good on you, I say. Cheers Anthony!

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