Australia’s Climate: What Next?

On Monday I was moaning because I didn’t really have the time to get over to see the Redcliffe Festival. Well, guess who went to Redcliffe yesterday? And….

Swam in the lagoon……

Redcliffe Lagoon

Redcliffe LagoonHad fun on the beach…..

The Beach

BeachPlayed in the sand….

playing in the sandClimbed on the humongous tree…

Humongous Tree
Humongous TreeThat’s right! Elizabeth with her mummy and some friends. Never mind, I’ll get there one day.

What’s wrong with these pictures?

You’d probably need to be observant to notice something slightly different in these pictures. And if you have noticed something different, you are sharper than me. I drove around in it for three days and didn’t notice it.

For me to notice, they would have to make it orange! Just as it was almost exactly 2 years ago in an unrelated but, and you can read my post about it by clicking here, highly unusual weather event.

If you haven’t noticed what it is, here’s a video explaining it all with some more obvious pictures, so obvious even I can see what’s wrong…

Some houses are still not fully repaired following the floods. Our supermarket has still not re-opened. As you saw from my video about Colleges Crossing the other day, it’s open, but still not back to its former glory.

Spring is just 3 weeks old today, yet we are already being warned about bush fires.

Am I whinging?

No, not at all! I now know this is what you get with Australia. I’m just doing what I do; talking about what it’s really like to live in Australia.

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  • Chris October 5, 2011, 6:31 am |

    A brolly?

  • Chris September 29, 2011, 5:44 am |

    Ok Bob this is my ‘moving to Queensland inventory to be on the safe side’
    fire extibguisher (bush fires)
    A large pump (floods) (also handy for fire fighting)
    Seismograph (earthquake detection)
    An arc (incase the pump fails)
    Another pump (incase the arc fails)
    45 gallon drum of bug spray (may utilise pump for this)
    Volcano insurance (you never know, it is Queensland after all)

    • BobinOz September 30, 2011, 8:55 pm |

      And your contingency plan for a cyclone is?

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