Brisbane Weather: What Happened to Spring?

As the kid’s two-week spring school holidays begin today, I am left asking myself “What happened to spring?”

It was only 19 days ago that I presented my five day weather backcast. It was in this post that I admitted my “Winter turns to spring at the flick of a switch” theory was left in tatters.

And it was only nine days ago that The Courier Mail had the headline:

“Brisbane faces more chilly weather as mercury plunges in early spring.”

That article started with…….

SPRING has temporarily gone into hibernation this weekend as an Antarctic blast drops temperatures across the southeast of Australia, including Queensland.

The weekend to which they refer, let me confirm, was last weekend. You can read the full article here.

This weekend though, nothing was in hibernation, we could forget Antarctic blasts and nobody was talking about chilly weather. It was only about three weeks ago that the statisticians concluded that this year was Brisbane’s coldest winter for 11 years. Well, that now seems like a distant memory.

Because this weekend, we had….

32 degrees….. all weekend.

So, forget spring holidays, it feels more like summer holidays at the moment. Perfect for going to the beach. And if I’d had more time (I didn’t), I would have gone to Redcliffe where they had some kind of festival going on.

But it would have been about an hour and a quarter drive each way and I had a few other things I really needed to do, so I missed it.

Here’s a glimpse of what we both missed, unless you went. You didn’t, did you?

But I did go out; not far though.

I Read an article the other day by the Mayor of Brisbane and he said that of the 406 Brisbane parks that suffered flood damage in January, 385 were now back to their former glory. So I wondered how my favourite beauty spot, Colleges Crossing, was looking and that was where I took my sandwiches and bottle of orange….

Well, not quite “former glory”, but getting there.

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