Brisbane Riverfire Without the F-111’s

Since living here in Australia I have been to every Riverfire, which, as you must surely know, is the firework display that marks the opening of the Brisbane Festival.

In 2008, before this blog was even invented, I watched Riverfire from South Bank Parklands. In 2009, I watched it from Mt Coot-Tha. And last year we watched it from within the heart of the city.

But this year, just like the F-111s, I didn’t go.


We went to our friend’s house for a party. It was their sons 18th, so they decided to throw a party for him, invite round a load of their old fogey mates (me included), mix us in with a dozen or so of their son’s young friends, and we then completed his embarrassment with us giving him the bumps!

What a great night! He took it well.

Back to Riverfire, and the Brisbane Festival.

Riverfire 2011Image courtesy of aramisfirefly

The Brisbane Festival is massive and this year it runs from 3rd to 24th of September. It is Brisbane’s annual cultural event; there really is just too much going on for me to be able to describe it all here.

But as an overview, it’s got dance, theatre, music, free stuff and weird stuff. If you want more specific details about it, head over to the official Brisbane Festival website.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing the laser light show, Santos City of Lights. It’s described as the first laser light art show of its kind in Australia. It’s going to be on every night, so it’ll be difficult to miss.

And what of Riverfire?

As hinted earlier, there were no F-111s and therefore no dump and burn this year. Many have said that Riverfire just won’t be the same without them. But the people I spoke to said the fireworks were better than ever, so maybe they did pull it off with out the now decommissioned jets.

There was an attempt to fill the void with a couple of Blackhawks and Super Hornets flying over the city, but in order for them to be seen, this took place during daylight.

No, not quite the same as dump and burn. He is an excellent and short video with highlights from the day…..

Oh, I did say weird stuff, didn’t I?

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