UK versus Australia: The X-Factor

This week the Australian version of The X-Factor began a new series on television. From what I can see, the program appears to be on almost every night, lasting over an hour for each one.

So I won’t be watching it, no way will I spend that much of my time watching wannabee’s warbling. But I didn’t know that when I started to watch the first episode of the show earlier in the week.

So how does X-Factor Australia compare with X-Factor UK?

To my dismay, the early auditions which I grew to love when I lived in England and watched the show, take place in front of a live audience on the Australian show.

In the UK version, they used to be performed in an audition room with just the three judges watching. If they didn’t like, they simply put a stop to it, told the wannabee how bad they were and then moved on to the next audition.

This setup led to some fantastic early auditions, with many people clearly happy just to be part of that process. Many of them knew full well that their X Factor journey would start and end within those two short minutes or so before the judges.

Like this guy, the chicken factory worker who I suspect has now gone on to fulfil his real life-long ambition of being a stand-up comedian.

I am thrilled I have been able to track this down, I remember watching this on the UK show when I still lived there. YouTube dates it from April 2006. Probably the driest, funniest audition of all time.

Take a look at this……

I have not lived in England since the end of 2007, but from what I’ve seen on YouTube, it seems that the UK version of the show now performs their auditions in front of a live audience, just as they do here now in Australia.

That’s a shame. Part of the charm of the show has gone. And here in Australia, the opposite of charm, yes, Simon Cowell, is also missing from the show. So for me, when it comes to the UK versus Australia regarding The X-Factor, the UK wins hands down.

That said, how about this for an opening act? It was so good; I switched the show off after that. Nothing could beat it. That’s me done with the show.

Here’s the background. You’re 40 years of age, you’re a nut salesman, you’re a bit overweight, your skin is not perfect and your jeans don’t fit that great. What do you do?

You go on the X factor, you sing Adele’s Someone Like You, because your loving children (watching side stage) asked you to.

So you learn the words and then you do this……

Made my hairs stand on end too. Fantastic!

I have complained before about the overuse of the standing ovation on Australian shows, but this one was thoroughly deserved. Scary Spice did stop it early, but don’t worry, all the judges loved it! He’s through.

Nice one Andrew Wishart.

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