How to Be A Proper Aussie Bloke

Or, more to the point, how not to be.

On Saturday, during the day and all night, Mrs BobinOz and Elizabeth went out together leaving me home alone.

Saturday was a torrid day, non-stop rain, dull and grey. Just like the old days. So I didn’t actually do anything exciting whatsoever.

rugbyThe phone rang at around 8:30 PM, it was Elizabeth to say good night to daddy. After we’d exchanged telephone hugs and kisses, I spoke briefly to Mrs BobinOz. She asked me what I was doing, which was “not a lot”.

“Aren’t you watching the rugby?” She asked.

Hmmm. What rugby?

Oh boy, do I have to shape up! I can’t believe I didn’t know the rugby was on! It’s that sort of stupidity that will see me fail my Australian Citizenship Test when I take it in a few months time.

I hold my head in shame.

The Tri Nations

The tri-Nations is a yearly rugby union competition between New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Coincidentally, these three teams are currently the highest ranked in the world (in that order) according to IRB World Rankings.

As you can imagine, it’s quite an important competition in these parts. But not just here, it is recognised around the world these days as one of the toughest competitions in international rugby.

Now, had I sat down to watch it on Saturday I would’ve seen Australia, known as the Wallabies, lift the trophy for the first time in 10 years. Between those times, New Zealand have won it seven times and South Africa twice.

I would have also have seen this…….

The scorer of that try was Radike Samo. As you probably heard in the commentary of the video, Samo, at 35 years and 49 days old, he is the oldest player ever to play for Australia in a Tri-Nations match.

Didn’t look it, did he?

He’s a modest lad, apparently, and after the game he said of his try “I just ran the gap and it went from there. I didn’t realise it was 40 or 50m … the last 10m was like … argghh,”

As regular readers will know, I’m a football (or soccer as they call it here) man through and through. But with the Rugby World Cup kicking off next month in New Zealand, I need to brush up on this stuff, else I’ll be looking pretty foolish around here.

Mind you, I’ll be supporting England, so I’ll probably look foolish anyway.

Or will I?

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