The Brisbane Ekka: 32 Things To Do.

I spent all day at the Ekka on Wednesday. I assume you know what the Ekka is? I took you there a couple of years ago and we had a chairlift ride, surely you remember?


I didn’t go last year, but I did write about it explaining that there was so much to do at the Ekka.

And indeed there is. Where else could you:

  • Sing with the Smurfs.
  • Buy a Dagwood Dog.
  • Eat a Dagwood Dog.
  • Mix with the cows.
  • Look at the horses.
  • Meet egg man.
  • Wonder at the weird women on a tricycle.
  • Dance to the sounds of the Caribbean.
  • Play an organ on a tricycle.
  • Buy German sausage.
  • Watch the Caribbean dancing girl.
  • Watch a brass band.
  • Or kids dance group.
  • Wave at a yellow rabbit.
  • Watch a food chopping demonstration.
  • Get some fashion tips.
  • Listen to the percussion band.
  • Lose weight without doing anything.
  • Buy a car.
  • Or a caravan.
  • Or just a hat.
  • Take your kids to cooking lessons.
  • Admire the fruit displays.
  • Visit a haunted house.
  • Hoove a horse.
  • Check out a cute newborn lamb.
  • Milk a cow.
  • Buy a showbag.
  • Avoid the Telstra shop.
  • Visit the house of fun.
  • And Rock around the clock.

But at the Ekka, there’s something you can’t do……..

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