Whale Watching on the Gold Coast, Australia

Last time I went whale watching, it was from North Stradbroke Island’s Point Lookout just over a year ago. It wasn’t the most successful whale watching trip in history, we didn’t spot a single whale.

If you recall, I took hours of video footage but ended up showing you just one picture, because in that picture you could see everything we got to see during the day…..

That’s right, just the sea.

Undeterred, we decided to give whale watching another go. So at about 7:30 AM on Sunday morning, we installed ourselves into the car and headed for the Gold Coast. We arrived just before 9 AM, ready for a 9.30 departure from Mariners Cove.

With this whale watching expedition, I’ve got more to show you than just a photograph. Why? Well, we saw more than just the big blue sea. How much more?

Find out for yourself….

Whale watching. It’s not for everybody.

On the one hand, Mrs BobinOz wants to go again. She wants to see “more”. So do I, but here’s how I would like to see “more”.

In my ideal whale watching day out, I’d be sitting in the balcony bar of a big seaside pub. In front of me would be a nice cold beer. Maybe I would be reading the newspaper. At some point, someone would say “Hey, Bob! Take a look at that!”

I’d lift my eyes from the newspaper, pick up my cold beer and take a sip, then I’d swivel my head slightly to look out towards the ocean, and there they would be. An assortment of whales, breaching, twirling, spyhopping, lobtailing, fin slapping, shooting blowholes and maybe even singing some kind of whale song.

Now, is that too much to ask?

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  • Chris August 23, 2011, 5:05 am |

    Still 22 degrees aint bad!

    • BobinOz August 24, 2011, 9:09 pm |

      Yes, I actually caught the sun in my face! Not bad for winter.

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