Tasmania, Australia: A Quick Peek

It seems a while since I last posted here on this blog, and it is! Last Wednesday I was explaining how cold it was in Hobart and also bemoaning the slow Internet connection, which was taking (seemingly) 15 minutes to open a page.

Well, we left Hobart, drove through Brighton, Bagdad, Kempton, Melton Mowbray and Tunbridge, (yes, really, all those and more) until eventually we reached……

….. no Internet connection. Otherwise known as Launceston.

Launceston, pronounced lon – sess – ton, is known as Lonnie to the locals. In fairness to Lonnie, it wasn’t his fault I had no Internet, the accommodation we booked said Wi-Fi available, but it wasn’t. This is a situation I’ve been in before, it happened on my road trip and I mentioned it in my post called Where’s my Australian holiday?

Anyway, as I had no Internet, I was unable to upload a post on Friday. I’ve also got over a weeks worth of comments and emails to reply to. Best I catch up then!

What did I think of Tasmania?

Absolutely fantastic!

On Wednesday I’ll post a full report, along with a bunch of pictures. I just need a little more time to go through everything I’ve got so I can hopefully do justice to this beautiful island state. But until then, here’s me in front of the most photographed waterfall in Tasmania.

This is Russell Falls in Mt Field National Park…….

Russell Falls TasmaniaWhen we had finished our holiday, me, Mrs BobinOz and Elizabeth all talked about our personal highlights of the week. We all had the same top three, but we each had a different number one.

For me, standing in front of these waterfalls was an awesome experience. You can feel the sheer power of it. Maybe you can even see it in a still photo….

Russell Falls in Mt Field National ParkI can only guess what it must be like to stand in front of Niagara, and next time they open the floodgates at Wivenhoe Dam, I’ll do my best to make sure I am there.

Elizabeth’s first choice was easy for her.

Elizabeth's SnowmanIt may only be small, but it is the first snowman she has built, assisted by Mrs BobinOz. We couldn’t get to the very top of Mt Wellington, the road was closed because it was too dangerous, but we got far enough up to find this snow.

Elizabeth hadn’t seen snow since she was 10 months old and she tells us she can’t remember it. Hopefully she will remember this trip to Mount Wellington for some time to come.

And Mrs BobinOz’s favourite?

I’ll cover that, and more, on Wednesday.

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