Australian Weather Forecast: Cold

This morning, way earlier than I care to think about, I dragged my sorry butt out of bed, packed some bags into the boot of the car, and together with my wife and daughter, headed towards Brisbane airport.

Our ultimate destination? The furthest (south), therefore most southernest, (almost) coldest, (probably) and potentially quaintest, (we shall see) place in the whole of Australia.

Did I mention cold? Yes, here in Australia, where the water goes down the plug hole in the opposite direction, south equals cold. Most southernest equals coldest.

We are off to Verycoldsville in search of snow.

The rest of Australia, and the world, most commonly refer to this place as Hobart, Tasmania.

Hobart Salamanca Square

Hobart Salamanca Square

As it is now the middle of July, which in the upsidedown world of Australia is the middle of winter, going to the most furthestly, southernestly, southern part in the middle-est, wintry-est, time of the year means that when we get there, it will undoubtably be very cold indeed.

It may even be fair to say that we are probably going to experience the coldest coldness that Australia’s got. When we booked it, from the very hot hotness of a summery Brisbane having 40°C plus temperatures, going somewhere in the southernest coldest part in the middle of winter seemed like a good idea.

Now that it’s the middle of winter in Brisbane, and pretty cold anyway, I’m not so sure.

But we are going anyway.

I wonder if it will be cold?

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  • Warwick Wakefield August 23, 2016, 6:02 pm |

    There is a town in Tasmania named Launceston.
    Everybody pronounces it Lawn-ces-ton.
    It takes its name from its namesake in the UK, as many Aussie towns do.
    But, I was totally surprised to learn, the other day, that its namesake in the UK is pronounced Lawnston.
    I don’t think the UK pronunciation is ever likely to catch on here.

    • BobinOz August 24, 2016, 8:12 pm |

      Well, being a Brit myself, I can confirm that yes, the natural way for a British person to pronounce this town would be Lawnston. I know that because I have been to Launceston and when I got there, I did pronounce it Lawnston.

      I was soon put right why the locals. Actually, it was the guy in the bottle shop when I was buying some tinnies. The only thing I will slightly amend that you have suggested, is that this guy told me the town is known by the locals as ‘Lonny’.

      He then said it was pronounced ‘Lon-ces-ton’, so more Lon than Lawn.

      And yes, it was quite cold, but then it was the middle of winter.

  • hmm February 15, 2014, 5:58 pm |

    Hmmm Brisbane doesn’t even get 40c. Hobart is not that cold.. yes it’s cold but not that cold. I am from Melbourne and it’s two degree difference in winter. Hobart is amazing in winter.

    • hmm February 15, 2014, 5:59 pm |

      Oh… I lived in Bris for a few years.. his prob talking 40c which is more so North Qld. 40c to people in Brisbane is a heat wave.

      • BobinOz February 16, 2014, 1:00 am |

        Hmm, Brisbane does get 40°C, sometimes more. I live here and as the article says, when I booked to go to Hobart, it was 40°C or more here in Brisbane and just a few weeks ago it actually got to 46°C in my back garden.

        Yes, 40°C and above is regarded as a bit of a heatwave here in Brisbane, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get it.

        And you are right, Hobart is amazing in winter.

        Cheers, Bob

  • Gary Perrin July 13, 2011, 4:03 am |

    I wonder if it will be cold?
    I was in Tassie May last year and it was freezing!
    You’re talking about July.
    Mad dog’s and Englishmen indeed.

    • BobinOz July 18, 2011, 9:36 pm |

      Yup, pretty cold. But not as cold as England in winter. No gloves needed!

  • Hector July 11, 2011, 10:22 pm |

    Did it make you to remember to London? Because of the cold weather haha 😛

    How did you come there? By boat, I suppose, because is another island from Australia.



    • BobinOz July 18, 2011, 9:35 pm |

      No, it didn’t remind me of London, but it did remind me of many parts of England. And we didn’t get there by boat, we took an aeroplane. Takes about two hours.



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