Australia’s Got Characters!

Of course, the show is really called Australia’s Got Talent, and it has! Maybe not as much talent as other countries, but then we don’t have as many people.

Australia's Got TalentBut talent isn’t everything; equally important in my view would be confidence, belief and character. And Australia has certainly got characters.

I was watching the show last night; it was a semi-final, when two such acts displaying confidence, belief and character literally punched me in the face. I honestly felt I learnt something just by seeing these acts.

We will warm up with a little comedy and then hit you with some heavy rock music.

The Old Fella

Old? Yes. He must be at least 65. He’s been married to his wife Mary for 47 years and, it seems, he’s been a farmer for all that time too. He is now retired. In his own words he was frightened of “falling off his perch”. He really didn’t know what he would do with his life after farming.

So he reinvents himself as a stand-up comedian. Well, who wouldn’t?

Understandably, he’s old school. I’ll bet he’s never heard of “political correctness”, but if he has, he’s ignoring it. His humour was a little naughty, but if it’s good enough for peak time national Australian television, it’s good enough for me.

His timing though, was perfect…..

What will you do when you retire?

Pete The Kalbar Rockstar

If anyone needs lessons in self belief, get them from this guy. Personally, I don’t think he can sing, but maybe it’s me who is tone deaf. Other people certainly think he can.

But confidence? Self belief? He’s got bundles! And he looks like he’s having a great time too. Watch this guy and then try and tell me you don’t wish you had just a little bit of something that he’s got. You may not like the style of music he plays, I don’t either. But none of that matters.

Meet Pete….

Yes, Australians have got character! And maybe we can all learn just a little bit from these two guys.

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  • Patrick December 3, 2012, 4:31 pm |

    My pleasure Bob, glad I can help.

  • Patrick December 1, 2012, 4:12 am |

    The old fella perfo, a new link to see it. It’s worth it.

    cheers Bob

    • BobinOz December 3, 2012, 1:48 pm |

      Thanks for that Patrick, I didn’t know my original YouTube link was broken. I’ve now embedded the link you provided in my post. And yes, he’s well worth it.



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