City Entertainment for a Wintry Brisbane

As we head into the depths of winter here in Australia, it’s strange that the weathermen have recently declared ‘sunny with clear blue skies’ as, once again, the default weather for the foreseeable future in Brisbane.

skyStrange for me, that is. Being from England I’m used to winters being wetter than summers. Not so for the people who have lived here for many years, Brisbane’s winters are almost always the driest of the four seasons. Anyway, we’ve got our crystal clear skies and big yellow sun back again.

About time!

Well, perfect timing for South Bank Parklands whose iconic lagoon, which overlooks the city centre, was destroyed in the floods five months ago. But all the restoration work finally came to fruition this weekend when our city centre beach was once again open for business, or should I say, pleasure.

Of course, me, my camera and my family all went there to take a look, but that’s not all we went into the city for. Because lying around on the sand soaking up the sun wasn’t the only entertainment in town.

As this short video will show you…..

Where else in the world can you do that outdoors and just a couple of kilometres apart?

Quite a few places, I suppose, but it was fun all the same.

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