The Premier of Queensland and the Lord Mayor of Brisbane….

Yes, live here on BobinOz!

Well, it was when I saw them….

Saturday was a very special day for our good friends Mark and Louise and their family. Mrs BobinOz and I were honoured to be in attendance.

The venue was the Suncorp Piazza at South Bank Parklands; you’ll remember I saw Tropfest there a while back. The park itself was devastated by the floods at the beginning of the year, but its well on the mend now.

Anna Bligh

Anna Bligh

This very special event was attended by the Premiere of Queensland, Anna Bligh and the (new) Lord Mayor of Brisbane, Graeme Quirk.

So, what was the occasion?

Well, as Anna Bligh put it “… we are granting Australian citizenship to 500 people, from 50 different countries from all of the inhabitable continents in the world…”

Yes, as I have said before, Australia is a nation of immigrants.

As far as government run ceremonies go, this one was pretty cool and hip. Just check this out….

The whole ceremony lasted an hour, but it literally flew past, the entertainment was that good.

And the fun didn’t end when the ceremony did at 11:15 AM, oh no! We then went to the pub to have the breakfast special, Stella Artois, before hitting a riverside restaurant at 1 PM for lunch.

And if the day wasn’t perfect enough already, we had Californian weather (75°F, clear blue skies and sunny) and people were swimming in the lagoon. Not bad for a winter’s day.

The evening party round Mark and Lou’s house began at around six o’clock, extinguishing any hope some people had of grabbing an afternoon kip.

Australian citizenship ceremonies are cool.

Now I want one!

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  • Mond June 18, 2011, 10:15 pm |

    Is she (or they) still granting Australian citizenship to people around the world? Thanks

    • BobinOz June 20, 2011, 9:13 pm |

      Yes. You’re welcome.

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