Normal Life Returns in Australia

Christmas and New Year are now a distant memory. Today is Saturday January 3rd and life returns to normal here in Australia. It’s a very cloudy day and much cooler at 77°F (25° C).

So how would someone in Queensland want to pass away the time on a cool and cloudy day? Watch the video to find out…..

Well wasn’t that exciting. What more can I add? Well this….

When we first arrived our house, which had been standing empty for about five months, was pretty neglected. The garden was also in a very poor state. It was like a jungle! Not having any garden tools at all, in fact not having anything at all, we decided to try and telephone some gardeners to do a tidy up for us.

There are two points of interest for you if you are considering coming here. The first is that we had to make at least eight telephone calls before we managed to get a gardener to show up. Second point is that none of them would work for less than $40 an hour. That’s a pretty good wage. Especially as some of them wanted to charge us for “travelling time” to get to us. Then there’s an additional charge for taking away your garden weeds, $100.

This surely is the land of opportunity. For some.

The opportunity it presented to me was to get some gardening equipment and do it myself. I wasn’t alone though. I had a little friend follow me everywhere.

An Australian Lawnmower Loving Bird

An Australian Lawnmower Loving Bird

This tiny bird hopped in and out of the line of my mower without fear. I think she got a good meal out of it.

You’ll be pleased to hear that Mondays post will be a little more exciting. And it will directly affect YOU!

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  • Lisa Alford May 22, 2017, 6:54 am |

    I can’t find that dvd ANYWHERE! Bahaha!

    • BobinOz May 22, 2017, 6:53 pm |

      Sorry about that Lisa, it sold out very fast 🙂

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