Who Ate All the Pies?

No, come on, this is a serious question! I have conducted an in depth study and I think I’ve got to the bottom of it all.

I think I know who ate all the pies.

The meat pie in Australia

Not many people move to Australia for its succulent cuisine. Australians are famous for chucking another prawn on the barbie and they served a sausage sizzle to the Prince. Nothing wrong with that, I assume they thrust a tinnie in his hand too……

But what is the Australian national dish?

Incredibly, according to a poll that took place in February 2010 which received around 24,000 votes, the answer is roast lamb. Apparently this dish secured 6,177 votes, 436 votes ahead of the meat pie.


For those who are counting, the sausage sizzle came third with 5,317 votes.

But I’m going to ignore that and talk about the meat pie anyway. I really need to know who ate all the pies.

The UK versus Australia at eating pies

Australians love a meat pie, they are on sale everywhere. Little hand sized pies in a bag, don’t forget that big dollop of tomato sauce slap bang in the middle.

Australian Meat Pie with Tomato SauceAnd Queenslanders really love their pies. Anybody remember my post about Queensland’s Top Iconic Locations? A pie shop came 9th!

Yatala Pie Shop

Yatala Pie Shop

Australians take their meat pies seriously and to qualify as a proper meat pie, it must contain a minimum of 25% meat. Our favourite supermarket, (that was sarcasm) Coles, recently got pulled up for selling their “You’ll Love Coles” pies with only 22.7% meat in them.

On the other hand, Aldi, the lesser spotted Australian supermarket we all wish there were more of, won the award for best all-rounder for its Elmsbury Bakehouse Premium Grain Fed beef pies.

“Get on with it Bob, who ate all the pies?”

Okay, my exhaustive research tells me that the UK spent £229 million on pies in 2009. Assuming a pie costs about one pound, and 60 million people live there, then everybody has eaten less than four pies each.

My research on pie sales in Australia revealed that Australians spent $199 million on pies in 2006, but further research suggested a lower figure of $127 million by 2009.

That’s quite a big difference in the figures, but elsewhere I did find several sources saying Australia makes 260 million meat pies a year meaning the average Australian eats 13 each.

I could have left it there, I could have just declared Australia the winners, I could have just said “I got it! Australia ate all the pies by 13-4!”

But no. When I do an in depth study, I’d do an in-depth study.

Turns out that in New Zealand, annual pie sales are NZ$120 million. The average price of a pie is two New Zealand dollars. Therefore they eat 60 million pies a year…… between 4 million of them.

That’s 15 pies each per year! They eat more pies than beef burgers!

So, New Zealand ate all the pies!

MaoriImage courtesy of macorig


*Cornish pasties not included.

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  • Layla April 17, 2014, 6:41 pm |

    They did. That’s all they eat here.

    • BobinOz April 22, 2014, 3:01 pm |

      It’s true 🙂 They did. Yum!

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