Brisbane Floods, Western Suburbs: 4 Months Later….

On Saturday evening we went to a party to celebrate a friends 40th birthday. But the party wasn’t round our friends house, no. It was here….

Bellbowrie Sports ClubNow, what is interesting about that is it’s the first time I have been to the Sports and Rec since before the floods. Because unfortunately, like all of our shops, the Bellbowrie Sports Club was totally trashed in the deluge and has been closed for much of the time since January 11, 2011.

I say “much” of the time because I’d heard several weeks ago that it was open at the weekends for drinks only.  Then I heard it would be the open all week. And then finally, and this is only recently, the restaurant within the club also opened and I believe it’s now business as usual, including the pokies.

If you don’t know what pokies are, watch out for my post on Wednesday.

Anyway, it turns out that having a party at this place is a bit of a winner. We all turned up with our kids, and they had a ball! There’s a big playing field out the back and that was all they needed. They just ran around on it, all of them, from five o’clock until gone 10 o’clock in the evening when we left.

Which meant we had a great time too, propping up the bar, talking rubbish and celebrating our friends birthday.

Four months after the floods.

So, with our drinking hole re-established, I thought it a good time to catch up on other developments since the floods.

As you know, if for no other reason than I just mention it, all our shops were flooded in January as well. At the time we were told it would take four months to rebuild them. Four months seemed like a long time back then, but we knew we’d get through it.

And now we have. It’s now just over 4 months since the floods, so how is our new shopping Plaza coming along?

I made a movie for you, using my best documentary style voice-over…

So, there you have it. For the residents of our leafy green little suburbs of Western Brisbane, it’s still a 25 minute round trip by car just to buy fresh meat. We were featured on the news the other night and we were referred to as “the forgotten suburbs”.

I think I know what they meant, because now whenever we go to the shops, it’s so far we have to make sure we don’t forget anything.

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