William and Kate in Australian TV Takeover Bid

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is currently out of the country. But I reckon she stays in touch with what is happening here in Australia by reading my blog.

How else can we explain her recent statement in which she suggested that the Australian people have disengaged with the republic debate as a result of the popularity of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Which is exactly what I suggested would happen in Wednesday’s post about the monarchy or republic debate. Well, sort of.

A recent newspaper poll has shown that only 41% are now in favour of a republic, that’s the lowest it’s been for 17 years. That won’t be pleasing Julia Gillard, who is a strong advocate of an Australian republic.

Anyway, where is she? In London of course, to watch the wedding. Which is exactly where my wife is right now, not in London of course, but watching the wedding. On TV.

For Australians here who do not yet have digital TV, there are five standard terrestrial stations to choose from. Here’s what’s on offer tonight:

  • Channel 9. Will and Kate – The Royal Wedding
  • ABC 1. The Royal Wedding
  • Channel 7. William and Kate: The Royal Wedding
  • Channel Ten. Celebrate Will & Kate – The Wedding Project

Only SBS have avoided it, showing an episode of ‘Coast” instead.

Seems Prince William and Kate Middleton are very popular indeed!

I suspect millions upon millions of people from all around the world will be watching this wedding today. But as of now, over 65 million people have watched this walk down the aisle on YouTube. If you’re one of those who haven’t yet seen it, I suggest you take a look.

Kate and Wills will have to go some to top this one…..

Right, I’m off to watch Coast.

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  • Nathan May 10, 2011, 11:44 am |

    It’s cool to note how some event half way across the world is bring a sence of unity to a group. The wedding will of course cause a sence of nationalism and disengage many from the republic debate. I think that is not necessarily a bad thing to have a common leader to look up to. If this union with the royalty of England were to influce domestic affairs then the connection might cause harm in the nation. I’m glad the wedding is causeing people to take a step back and think hard about their opinion about an Australian republic.

    • BobinOz May 11, 2011, 1:11 am |

      Yes, but how long will it take for everybody down here to forget. Obviously, back in the UK, the tabloids will have Kate and Wills faces splashed all over the front pages as often as they can. But here, it’s all over already.

      It won’t be long until the monarchy versus republic debate starts up again.

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