Camping by the Beach in Coolum

As you know, this weekend we (that’s the BobinOz’s and the BeninOz’s) took the opportunity to go camping for the first time since April last year.

On that occasion we went to North Stradbroke Island and had a fantastic weekend. I think I wrote three or four posts about that one, if you haven’t read them I suggest you start with It’s North Stradbroke Island Week Here on BobinOz.

11 months is way too long to go without a camping trip, but we were waiting for summer, which, as you know, was pretty much rained off here in Queensland. But with the arrival of autumn came hot and dry weather so we decided to go for a very short one night stay on a campsite close to the beaches of Coolum.

And I did say on Friday I’d let you know how it went. So, how did it go? Well, we were lucky and we were also unlucky. So first, how were we lucky?


As you will have read in Friday’s post, the beaches over at Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast were inundated with water beetles, millions of them! I’d also heard that these water beetles could be found in their droves as far south as Tweed Heads and past Noosa to the North. That’s a stretch of coastline around 250 km long which included our destination.

Then on the Saturday morning before we left, I noticed a new comment had been uploaded on Fridays post from a reader. Here’s a snippet from Karen’s comment. “I live in Coolum and these awful waterbugs are everywhere at night……Hope they don’t spoil your weekend in Coolum. Just don’t camp under a light!”

“Great! That’s something to look forward too.” I thought. But a few million flying bugs weren’t going to stop us from going camping.

So were we bugged by bugs when we got there? No, not at all really, there were a few about, but none that we saw were flying in the air. They were just walking around on the floor really, looking tired and a bit fed up.

Water beetleBut jumping around, full of beans, were loads of black crickets on the balcony of the seaside restaurant we had picked for our evening meal. Fortunately they were the other side of the window….

black cricketsSo, what’s going on with the insects around here? Do they know something we don’t? Anyway, how were we unlucky?


Saturday evening was pleasant enough, as you’ll see shortly in the video. But after our little girls had gone to bed and throughout the night we got rain, buckets of it! Remember, we decided to go camping simply because it hasn’t rained here for so long. Just shows, you never can tell, can you?

That rain continued sporadically throughout Sunday, but did it spoil our camping trip? Not at all! Our little girls love being on the beach and us adults always enjoy the escape from technology and the relaxation that goes with a camping trip. It reminded us all of how much we have missed these weekend breaks and, if anything, what we did get wrong was only going for the one night. Two should be the minimum.

For me, this video captures the whole point of moving to Australia. You can’t buy the kind of happiness you get when you walk onto a golden sandy beach as the sun is beginning to settle. Yet, it’s free!

Maybe I should have chosen to live closer to the beach…..

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