An Action Packed Exciting Weekend Here in Queensland

It’s been an exciting weekend here in Queensland with lots going on. Firstly, the moon was bigger and closer to Earth than it’s been for 18 years. What a glorious view……….

supermoonWell, it would have been had it not been cloudy. Here, in Brisbane, we couldn’t see a thing. No sign of the moon whatsoever. Never mind. That picture was taken in England courtesy of E Symphony.

On Friday evening, we had another “Movie in the Park” event, this time the film was Despicable Me. Or, it would have been if it hadn’t been rained off.

And on Sunday how we were going to have a barbecue over at Anstead Bushlands, but soggy snags are not too tasty. So we didn’t.

As you can guess, the rain has returned to Brisbane. But not much of it and just for the weekend. See, it can happen here in Australia as well. Although today it has returned to hot and sunny again.

Anyway, what else has happened this weekend? Oh yes, Prince William showed up.

Prince William Hits Town

So, we may not have had our barbecue in the bushlands, we may not have been able to go to the Movie in the Park, and we certainly didn’t see the supermoon.

But did we see Prince William? Of course not! We came close, but it seemed to me there was a bigger story to tell.

The sausage sizzle……

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