Is Australia a Good Place to Bring Up Children?

Red Carpet Day in Brisbane’s Western Suburbs.

I suppose you could say we’ve had another groundbreaking event in terms of our lives here in Australia. It was a busy weekend, complete with red carpet…

red carpetAs we prepared to party with the stars…..

party with the starsWe had 21 stars turn up in all and everyone had their handprint taken so we could embed it in the ground.

hand printThey also got a book each so they could collect the autographs of all our VIPs and they got a popcorn box of goodies to take home at the end. We know how to treat our celebs!

autograph bookThe event was, of course, another birthday for our daughter Elizabeth, who was seven last week. That really pleases her greatly, it means, under Australian law, that she no longer has to use a car seat booster!

But the real milestone is that Elizabeth has now had more birthdays here in Australia than she had in England. For me to achieve that same feat, I’d need to live until I was 99! But unlike me, our little girl is rapidly becoming more Aussie than English.

Elizabeth’s first Australian birthday, when she was four, was also a big milestone for us as you will already know if you’ve read my article called Emigrating to Australia. Elizabeth’s Story or the reprint of my magazine article about settling in.

On her fifth birthday here she chose to go to “Rowdy Rascals”, that’s one of those indoor play areas for kids. At the end of that one she said “It didn’t really feel like a party though, next year I’d like to stay at home and do something.”

Which she did, you probably remember our fairies and pirates event from last year.

With the children now being a little older, this party was a “drop and go” for most of the parents. The funny thing was, although the party wasn’t supposed to start till three o’clock, almost all the children had arrived and been “dropped” by 2:45. I think quite a few parents were itching to go shopping in peace.

The party was a great success, the kids had a fantastic time and the fun continued well into darkness as we opened the bar for the trailing adults.

So, Is Australia a Good Place to Bring Up Children?

Party talk aside, I have to say that emigrating to Australia was undoubtedly the right thing to do as far as Elizabeth is concerned. She now loves it here and this country really suits her outgoing and outdoor nature. For any of you who are thinking of bringing your children out here, my view, if it helps, is that Australia is a fantastic country and environment to bring up your offspring.

It may take a little while for them to settle, we’ve come from Elizabeth asking if we can set the Sat Nav to take us to our old home in England (that was January 2008), to her saying, when we went house hunting, “I’ll look at any house as long as it’s not in England” (February 2009).


But as much as I recommend it, I do also suggest you read my post about the Hague Convention, just so that you know.

Cake anyone?

Pink Poodle Birthday Cake

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  • sarah July 17, 2011, 6:25 pm |

    Not so sure education is as good here as UK and I opted for private, as the main strem was terrible conpared to the school in the UK my son went to.

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