Picnic On Mount Nebo, Brisbane, Australia

I have just spent a very pleasant three hours or so assembling a 12 foot trampoline in over 90°F (32°C)  heat.  It’s lucky I didn’t have to do it in the middle of summer!

Yes, it’s my daughter’s fifth birthday and the second birthday she has celebrated living in Australia.  Last year we had a fantastic birthday party for her, which was a real result as we had only been here four months.  If you haven’t seen the video Our First Full Year Living in Australia – then you really should take a look.  It has a small glimpse of her party from last year.

As the UK enters spring, we have just begun autumn. The 90°F heat of today, if our usual weather patterns prevail, will gradually fall down to a steady 75°F (24°c) by the end of May.  Then it will be winter.

Brisbane’s autumns are just fantastic.  It very rarely rains, the skies are always blue and, you’ve guessed it, it’s hot and sunny. It’s not as humid as summer and the evenings are much cooler. Perfect! But then our winters aren’t too bad either.

Last winter we went for a picnic on Mount Nebo, which is just 40 minutes drive from where I live. It was the 29th June, 2008. That should be somewhere around the coldest day of the year.

The quality of the film is not that good, but I decided to publish it anyway.

What do you normally do on a Sunday in winter?

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