At Last. A Hot and Sunny Day in Australia.

But before that…..

What year is it? Hold on, I’ll have a look.

Ah, yes, it’s about 42 years past the moon landing. Almost half a century since man first set foot on the moon. Yet, as we hurtle with frightening speed towards an event known as “the singularity” wherein computers become as powerful and intelligent as the human brain, I still can’t get a wireless Internet connection whilst I’m on my travels that doesn’t drop out every 5 minutes. I wasn’t even in Woop Woop either, I was in the middle of a major city here in Australia and my so called “connection” cost $50 for 4 days!

So, that’s why you didn’t get a post on this blog on Friday. So here’s a rarity; a post on a Saturday.

Hot, Sunny, With Clear Blue Skies.

Since I’ve been here in Adelaide, and I’ve only been here five days, I’ve had four severe weather text alerts from the Brisbane Early Warning Alert Service. The first said “Flood warning. Very heavy rainfall is spreading into the greater Brisbane area. Flash flooding is likely in many areas.”

Then I got “Severe thunderstorm, large hail, flash flooding, damaging winds” and the third was “Severe thunderstorms, flash flooding” and the final one said “King tide, Friday 10:30 AM at the bay and 11:15 AM in the city. Low lying areas may be affected. Sandbags available.”

Yes, Brisbane has been bashed again. I saw a picture of one house on the news that had been smashed to pieces by a falling tree.

But here in Adelaide it’s hot, sunny with clear blue skies. And they haven’t had rain for some while, it’s very very dry. In fact Adelaide right now looks exactly how Brisbane did when I first arrived here in November 2007 and Queensland were in the middle of a serious drought.

Yesterday the mercury hit 36° here and today feels every bit as hot as it was then. Time for the beach….

Henley Beach, Adelaide

Henley Beach, Adelaide

So whilst I have continued to feel a little guilty about leaving Brisbane’s problems behind me, I have really enjoyed the break and some proper Australian weather.

And Adelaide, like Melbourne, also has trams. I like a city with trams. But how about this for a verbal exchange, it sums up how extremely friendly the people of Adelaide have been.

A tram was sitting at the station, pointing in the direction of the city. That’s where we were going, so my daughter hit the button and the electronic doors opened. We got on and took our seats.

The tram conductor ambled up to us after a minute or so and said “Good afternoon, beautiful day isn’t it? Anyway, I just thought I’d pop up here to let you know that you are more than welcome to sit on this tram and enjoy the air conditioning; it certainly provides a little relief from the heat of the day. But you should know that if you’re looking to get some place soon, then you’ll probably want to get the tram that is due to pull in on the next track in about four or 5 minutes. But, as I say, you’re more than free to wait for it here in the cool. This tram will be leaving about 5 minutes after the one on the track next to us.”

And he wasn’t being sarcastic or taking the Mickey. Just friendly. Anyway, we thanked him and said we’d wait outside and as we walked towards the front of the tram to get off, the driver, who hadn’t heard our conversation with the conductor piped up with “Hi, you’re more than welcome to stay on this tram while you wait for the other one, it’s much cooler in here.”

I was trying to remember how I thought the conversation would have gone had I got on an English bus or train in similar circumstances to this. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been the same.

It was late last night when we got back to Brisbane and today, Saturday, guess what? It’s hot, 29°, and sunny with clear blue skies. It would be great if it could stay that way for a bit.

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  • BobinOz January 24, 2011, 11:49 pm |


    I have already left Adelaide, been back in Brisbane since late Friday night. I’ve got loads of pictures of Henley Beach but they all look very much the same. Lots of sun, blue skies, sand and sea. And people having fun. It would probably upset you to see them.

    But I was very impressed with the entire Adelaide coastline, so I’m not surprised you’re envious.

  • BobinOz January 24, 2011, 11:49 pm |


    I’ve never caused a drought anywhere, I’m English, rain follows me everywhere. I’m only surprised it didn’t rain in Adelaide. That wireless antenna thing sounds good, I’ll definitely check it out before my next trip.

  • james January 23, 2011, 11:20 pm |

    Hi agIn bob I’m very envious can I ask you if you have any more pics of henley beach we stayed 1 mile south of the pier with a gorgeous sea view / and I now see victoria is getting flooded /at last over hear the weather is doing absolutey nothing –anywAy how long r u in adelaide4 ?

  • Gordon January 23, 2011, 8:19 pm |

    “It’s hot, 29°, and sunny with clear blue skies. It would be great if it could stay that way for a bit.”

    I hope you realise that it’s people like you who cause droughts ! Haven’t you heard the expression ” be careful what you wish for because it might come true” ? Only joking ofcourse 😀

    South Oz & Tassie are the two states I’ve thus far never visited although they are on my ” to do” list .

    Re. the wireless internet connection , that is what i use daily albeit from a fixed location , I use an external antenna because i live on a small acreage several kilometres from town ( semi weak reception area ) , it costs me $30 for 2 gig which is valid for 90 days. A few years ago I paid that much per month for dial-up .

    No good for gamers or big downloaders but cheap and reliable for people like me , I browse ebay everyday plus news , weather , email , bobinoz 😉 etc.

    If I was going on a big car trip with my laptop , my external
    ( yagi ) antenna would be going with me , it makes a huge difference for not much money.

    Welcome back Bob , the crow eaters will be pleased with your summation of them , you might even get an invite back !

    Cheers 🙂

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