An Afternoon at the Theatre in Brisbane

A while ago I wrote a post about what to do with your kids during the school holidays when it’s raining all the time. That was in September, when it was raining, and here we are in January, and it’s still raining.

Except worse!

Not only is it raining more, but there’s more of a school holiday to fill with entertainment too. Back then, we just needed to entertain for a couple of weeks for the half term, right now we are on something like week five out of seven of the summer holidays.

Summer? Is it really? Doesn’t seem like it.

Anyway, at the time I wrote a post about the cost of going to the cinema in Australia; on Sunday we found out about the cost of going to the theatre. We went to this place…

The Roundhouse Theatre Kelvin GroveNot a great building when you look at it from this angle, but I think I could have got a better shot of it from the front. But it was raining! I would’ve got soaked!

It’s called The Roundhouse Theatre, I think, but as far as I can make out, the people who put the shows on are called La Boite, and they are a theatre company.

So on Sunday, two pairs of parents and three excited little girls went to see their offering of “The Gruffalo’s Child”.

What’s a Gruffalo? Why, didn’t you know?

Well, as they didn’t have an advertising poster big enough to fill this advertising board, I can show you what four Gruffalo look like, just in case you didn’t know…..

Gruffalo'sIt was a small theatre, that small in fact, I was able to count each and every seat individually. 336. Was I bored? No, not in the least! If my little girl is having fun, so am I.

In fairness, it was a fantastic production and the kids loved it. And it was even better for being in such a small and intimate venue, surely it’s the closest any of us will ever get to a real live Gruffalo?

Interestingly, I searched in England for the same live show and, lo and behold, it’s doing the rounds in the UK too. And in England, the people behind the production are called “Tall Stories Theatre Company” and here in Australia it was presented as a La Boite presentation with Tall Stories Productions.

So we have a direct price comparison here for sure. In Greenwich tickets were £11 for adults and £8.50 for children.

Here in Australia we had a special offer going on. Adults could get tickets at the same price as children! And that price? $23.00.

The Lucky country strikes again. Ahem!

So in which country is it cheaper to go to the theatre?

Here in Australia, two adults and two children would cost $92 whereas in England, it would cost £39. Doing the currency conversion thing, with the disastrous pound currently only worth $1.56, it’s about 50% more expensive to go to the theatre here in Australia than it is back in the UK.

But if we use the hard yakka, which is much more accurate for those living, working and earning Australian dollars, you would have to work for two hours and 48 min to buy your tickets here.

Whereas in England, you’d only need to work for two hours and 35 min to pay for your tickets. That’s 13 minutes cheaper and means Aussie tickets on that basis are just 8.5% more.

So England wins, big-time, on currency conversion, and only just in terms of how long you would have to work to pay for your tickets.

There, I got through a whole post and only mentioned rain about five times. Not bad eh!

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  • BobinOz January 15, 2011, 8:15 pm |

    Hi James

    Thanks for your thoughts. We are fine as you probably already know because I’ve gone through it all in my latest posts. But I do have some good winter coats I don’t need any more, maybe I should send them to you?



  • james January 12, 2011, 6:20 am |

    Just got to ask bob how r u prepared for the floods hitting Brisbane is your family ok? It looks mighty scary on the news — Back in Scotland we have just had the coldest December on record hitting at least minus 15 some nights

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