Seeking Out The Sun in Australia

I know I’ve been whingeing about the weather a lot lately, but we have had loads of rain. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. Here’s a quote from the Courier Mail from a few days ago.

“Brisbane recorded its wettest December in more than 150 years with 471.8mm dumped until 5pm yesterday, beating the 470mm recorded in 1859.”

But hold on a minute, that’s just Brisbane! Australia is a big country, what’s the weather like elsewhere?

That’s a good question and I’m glad you asked. I took the time to have a good look around at the weather scene throughout Australia and nobody is as wet as Queensland. But who has the best whether this Christmas? That’s easy!


But before I tell you about Perth, let me explain that each of these images comes from a different newspaper. Each city has its own main newspaper. Here in Brisbane we have the Courier Mail. So with each weather forecast for each city I will also tell you which newspaper covers the news in that area.

I’m also going to link each weather forecast image with the current weather forecast for that place. So if you ever need to know what the weather is like in Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or wherever, just come here and click on the image and you’ll know straight away.

And if you’re considering moving to Australia and you’re still not sure which city to go for, just come here, find out what the weather’s like in each and just choose the sunniest place.

Shallow? Yes! But it might just work. And now….

First: Perth.

If you like your weather scorchio, Perth came top of the charts on Christmas Day. Here’s their 7 day forecast courtesy of Perth main newspaper, Perth Now.

Perth 7 day weather forecastNote the very long line of perfectly formed shiny yellow suns. It’s the only time you’ll see it on any 7 day forecast here today.

In fact it was so hot in Perth on Christmas Day that it made major headlines. While us Brisbanian’s watched rain batter our windowpanes all day the people from Perth were engaged in a tactless display of joy and fun along many of the beaches of the western coast.

You can read about that over at Perth Now and see the disgraceful picture of their tasteless seaside frolics. Seeing that picture made my soggy skin crawl! Moving on…..

Second: Adelaide.

Adelaide’s Christmas weather looked pretty decent, with four sunny days and three mostly sunny days. Temperatures varied from between 23°C to 39°C and the prediction was for little or no rain. Nice!

Here’s the seven day forecast courtesy of Adelaide Now.

Adelaide 7 day weather forecastThird: Melbourne.

Very similar to Adelaide inasmuch as mostly sunny with temperatures of between 19°C and 38°C. But I placed them third because of the expectation of more rain. Melbourne’s daily newspaper is called The Herald Sun.

Melbourne 7 day weather forecastFourth: Canberra.

Similar to Melbourne in terms of the amount of rain predicted, but just not quite as hot. Not bad though at between 23°C and 33°C. Canberra’s main newspaper is The Canberra Times, but I got this seven day forecast from The Australian because it follows the same format as all the others.

Canberra 7 day weather forecastFifth: Sydney.

Sydney appears to have had sun and rain in equal mix throughout the period with temperatures of between 21°C and 30°C. Sydney’s newspaper is The Daily Telegraph.

Sydney 7 day weather forecastSixth: Brisbane.

Rain, rain, rain! And lots of it! But as far as Queensland is concerned, Brisbane got off relatively lightly. Thousands of people have been forced from their homes in other Queensland towns like Dalby, Rockhampton, Theodore, Emerald and Condamine.

The quote from The Courier Mail at the begining of this article says it all.

Here’s the seven day forecast for Brisbane…..

Brisbane 7 day weather forecastBut it actually wasn’t as bad as all that. The rain stopped where I am in Brisbane at around four o’clock in the afternoon on Monday the 27th. It hasn’t rained since. Yesterday was hot and sunny and so is today, with the temperature currently hitting 31°C.

Seventh: Darwin.

Always hot, very humid, plenty of rain and quite a few thunderstorms throughout the seven days. Darwin’s main newspaper is NT News, but again I got the following seven day forecast from The Australian for the format.

Darwin 7 day weather forecastNot my idea of pleasant weather, but better than……

Last: Hobart.

Cold and not very sunny. The Mercury is Hobart’s main newspaper, but again, for the format, guess where I got this from?

Hobart 7 day weather forecastAnd that’s the end of the weather. Oh, almost forgot, Happy New Year to you all!

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