It Is The Night Before Christmas…

The vast majority of my readers come from the UK, Australia or the USA. My best guess is that half of us (that’ll be the Australian readers and those living in California) are dreaming of a dry Christmas. The rest of you are probably going to get a white one.

Given the choice out of the two, I’d probably prefer white, you can’t make a snowman out of rain. But what I really wanted for Christmas was hot, sunny and clear blue skies. You can’t beat a dip in the pool on Christmas Day, unfortunately I can’t see that happening this year.

Here’s the weather forecast for the next 7 days…..

Brisbane Weather Forecast

My thanks to the Courier Mail for that.

But who cares? It’s the night before Christmas!

As a tradition in our house, the bedtime story on the night before Christmas is always ‘Twas the Night before Christmas . How utterly, incredibly original is that? It gets better….

When we lived in England, we used to read the English version. Now that we live in Australia, we read the Australian version. This surely epitomises our amazing adaptation to our new environment.

But there is another version. John Cleese’s version.

Merry Christmas to you all……

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