A Visit to Santa in Australia

For those of you currently covered in a blanket of snow, it may cheer you up to know that our weekend here was also a bit of a washout, as far as the weather is concerned. But I suspect you all had much more fun playing in the snow than I did playing in the rain. That said, I’m sure the snow would have felt a lot cuter had arrived a week later than it has.

But although it rained non-stop pretty much throughout the whole weekend, it didn’t stop us going into the city on Friday night to meet Santa.

Visiting Santa in Australia.

Warning: I am about to start harping on about Australia’s free stuff again! I know I’ve said it many times before, but Australia does seem great for free stuff. That has now extended to include visits to Santa.

I know it’s not unusual for a major department store to have a resident Santa for the kids to visit, but as far as Mrs BobinOz is aware, all the stores she’s seen Santa at in the UK have charged a fee for this special treat.

Let me introduce you to Myer. Myer is a major Australian retailer/department store along the lines of Debenhams or House of Fraser in the UK or perhaps Saks Fifth Avenue in the United States. Were their Santa visits free this year? Anyway…

Myer also had a free train ride…..

free train ride

A free train ride to Wonderland

If I was a whingeing Pom, which of course I’m not, I’d complain about how long we had to wait to see Santa. You see, the queue wasn’t that big yet we still waited for over an hour. Turns out the store had two Santa’s on duty (two Santa’s? How can that be?) And I think one or maybe even both of them had taken tea break at the time we were queuing.

No matter. We eventually got to see Santa and I recorded the whole visit on my video camera. But I won’t be showing that entire video to you. Why? Because it is 6 minutes and 43 seconds long! It was the most lengthy and free Santa visit I have ever known. Here are the highlights.

Firstly, Santa was in his own closed grotto, which was strangely bluish, as you will see. Three excited children had to bang on the door and wait for an answer. Once inside, they met Santa…..

Santa meets the girls


He spoke with them for ages about what they wanted for Christmas and about the importance of being good. But did he have any presents for them? Yes! Wings…..

Santa wings

Santa dishes out wings

And he took the time to put the wings on each of the three children. Was that it? No! Another present! A fridge magnet wish list…..

Santa's fridge magnets

Santa's dishes out fridge magnets

He then explained to the children they could stick this magnet on the fridge and write on it any presents they wished for for Christmas, and he would do the best he could bring them those presents. (Thanks Santa!)

He then gave each of the kids a hi-5….

Santa's Hi 5's

Santa dishes out hi 5's all round

Elizabeth had already opened her second present and pulled it apart. No worries, Santa just gave her another one.

Thanks Santa!

With that we all waved goodbye to Santa, our 6 minutes and 43 seconds visit was over and off we walked/flew with two presents for each of the girls, all for FREE!

Merry Christmas! Ho-Ho-Ho.

The whole thing made a refreshing change from “Hello, what’s your name? What do you want for Christmas? Really? That’ll be five quid please. NEXT!”

To round off the evening we went over to St George Square for the Indie Twilight Christmas Markets. They were great if you wanted to buy some kind of handmade trinket, but not so good if you didn’t. I didn’t.

At least we got to see the world’s tallest woman…….

The worlds tallest woman

The worlds tallest woman

….who had obviously been to see Santa as well, because she also had wings. And, for the second year running, saw the world’s tallest solar powered Christmas tree……

The world's tallest solar powered Christmas tree

The world's tallest solar powered Christmas tree

And to round off the evening, we went to Wagamama’s for some Japanese cuisine. Yum! And it didn’t rain.

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