Christmas is Coming, the Weather’s Getting Hot……

It’s been a busy, busy, hectic last few days. Those who study this blog and take notes will recall that on Thursday the 9th, I went to The Hi-Fi in Brisbane’s West End to see my favourite band, The Fall…..

The Fall Live in Brisbane

The Fall, live at The Hi-Fi, Brisbane, 9th December 2010

An absolutely stunning night! The band were on top form and although most of the attention around here went to U2 (who?) who were live in front of 60,000 or so at the Suncorp, the smart people were among the small 1,000 ish crowd being mesmerised by Mark E Smith and The Fall. Much heavy drinking too.

Then on Friday 10th, to celebrate the end of the season, I went to the Pig ‘N’ Whistle along with all the other lads in our six aside soccer team, Hardly Athletic. Some more heavy drinking.

Then on Saturday the 11th I went down to the Gold Coast where we were celebrating our friends son’s fifth birthday, a celebration that went on until the early hours of the morning to accommodate much, much more heavy drinking for us adults.

By Sunday I was wiped out.

Then on Sunday evening, as I tucked my daughter Elizabeth into bed, she reminded me that “daddy, it’s now just 12 days to Christmas!” Oh no, more drinking…..

Well, I knew it was close, but that close! This will be my fourth Christmas here, and I’m still not really used to it. We’ve got temperatures today of around 32°C and Christmas is around the corner. Takes some getting used to. Yes, I know I’ve whinged about the rain lately, but today we do have hot and sunny again…..

It's hot in Brisbane again!

It's hot in Brisbane again!

But luckily, there are plenty of warning indicators to remind us all that despite the weather, it is Christmas time. Firstly, the children break up for their summer holidays. Elizabeth’s last day was on Thursday just gone. She has now completed grade one.

To celebrate that, they had a kind of ritual in morning parade when everyone sat in their new seats for the first time. You see, grade one’s always sit in the front two rows and grade two’s in the next two rows etc. So they all did a bit of a shuffle around and moved up to their new positions. Cute!

And in the afternoon, just before they left school for the holidays, the first graders all had to ceremonially ring the old school bell to signify the completion of their first year. How sweet!

And I have to mention that Elizabeth’s teacher bought everybody in the class a book as a Christmas present. This was Elizabeth’s but everybody’s present was different

book from teacherNo teacher ever bought me anything when I went to school. But no sense getting all bitter now I suppose.

So now all the kids are on holiday. For seven long weeks!

So what other clues do we get that Christmas is on it’s way? I’ll tell you on Wednesday……

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