Summer in Australia: Time for Christmas Activities!

For today’s post I was going to tell you about all the Christmas activities that are scheduled to take place here in Brisbane. And there are plenty of them! They’ve already started.

On Friday we went to Brookfield for the evening, the Bush Christmas event took place at the Showgrounds. No need for me to explain what happens there, you will surely all remember it clearly from my post about last year’s Bush Christmas.

And on Saturday evening, Elizabeth went to the local school’s Christmas disco. Again, an event she went to last year as well. Not much to report on that one either, you know, kids, pop music, dancing and screaming, that sort of thing.

Well, I think that’s what happened, I didn’t go.

But I’m not going to be talking about Christmas activities today because, instead, I have a confession to make.

On Friday I was kind of bragging about Christmas shopping in Australia, saying how it was different from England but without saying why. But as I’d never been Christmas shopping in England with a hat, sunglasses and wearing shorts and a T-shirt, I think you got the message.

And so to the confession. I just can’t brag about the weather when it’s good and then keep quiet when it doesn’t quite work out. How can I have a tagline of “What It’s Really like to Live in Australia” if I don’t tell you what it’s really like to live in Australia? So here you have it.

The weather in Australia since that day has been absolutely awful! Queensland, and by the sound of it most of Australia, is going through another “big wet” as they call it here. What “big wet” actually means is, flooding! And lots of it.

The following images I took from the weather warnings page of the Courier Mail. I took the liberty, which may even be an illegal liberty, so here is another link to the Courier Mail, of taking the images because the warnings change every day. So I can’t simply give you a link where you will see what I’m about to show you.

So I hope they don’t mind me taking these pictures, here’s another link to the Courier Mail, please don’t sue me, Courier Mail. I love you, Courier Mail.

That’s enough grovelling, I hope. Here are the weather warnings in place around Australia today. For those of you in England complaining about the cold weather and the snow, this might cheer you up. Click on any image to enlarge it…..

Weather warnings in Australia
16 warnings covering five states across Australia, with lots of mentions of the word “flood”. But there are so many warnings, they wouldn’t all fit onto one photo. So here’s the second one….

Weather warnings in Australia page 2Another 23 warnings and a couple of additional states included in that list. But there were so many warnings; they wouldn’t even fit on two pictures. So here’s the third…

Weather warnings in Australia page 3Those of you who have studied these lists will have noted that Northern Territory is the only place that doesn’t seem to have a warning going on and Western Australia’s only warning is about the possibility of fire.

But don’t worry, I’ve checked it out. Northern Territory is awash with rain and thunderstorms and Perth have had showers most of the day. The fire warning in WA was for a remote area a long way north of the state.

NOT the summer we were hoping for!

PS. Guess what the weather is doing now?


Click here for current weather warnings in Australia from the Courier Mail.

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